Entering the Blogging World

Saturday 12/14

I am starting this blog to use as a simple diary for Dean and I so I can keep a log of our travels. We tend to forget when and where we have been.  I also want my lovely family and friends to have access so they can see what’s happening in our traveling lifestyle if they are interested. It would be great if they want to input any comments as well.

We are camped in a very nice RV park in Imperial Beach (south part of San Diego)

Here is the view from the front window.  We can see most of the bay of San Diego and many birds in the wildlife sanctuary just beyond the fence.


Monday 12/16

This is me after an 8 mile bike ride from Imperial Beach up to Coronado. I look pretty chipper at this point.  We then took our bikes on the ferry across to San Diego.  Another 8 miles to our destination and some of this was uphill!  We stopped for lunch at Hodad’s.  I have the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives app (food network) on my phone and we like to give some of the featured restaurants a try if we are in the area.  I was feeling pretty whacked by the time we arrived but plenty of good greasy calories revived me.

We caught a couple of busses to get back to our camper as it had got colder and the sun was going down fast.  Thank goodness for bike rack on the bus.


OK I am going to publish this and see what happens!

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1 Response to Entering the Blogging World

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    Hi Rose, well I received your blog, must admit I’m a Blog Virgin but what a bloody good idea. Is this to get out of doing your yearly Christmas Diary? Noticed your sewing machine is similar to my new one, treated myself when I got my lump pension. Anyhow looks like you’ve done a neat job of making covers for your noodles!!!!! Will look forward to seeing what the pair of you are up to. Have a fantastic Christmas & keep blogging xxxxxxGina

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