Slide Toppers

Tuesday 17th December 2013

Well,  I think I’ve got this thing up and running.  I might have to tweak it as I go along.

Our slide toppers have been holding water after it rains. We think we have hit on a good idea to alleviate this problem.  Of course the best solution is never be anywhere it’s raining which is our continuous goal.


We bought some inflatable noodles and I made some covers. We have slid them under the toppers.

IMG_1853 IMG_1854 IMG_1855 IMG_1856


It’s supposed to rain this Thursday so will get to evaluate.  Keeping our fingers crossed.




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2 Responses to Slide Toppers

  1. 1507morris says:

    Looks like a great way to keep in touch with you two. Looking forward to your “adventures” on a regular basis.

  2. Duke & Ron says:

    Love your blog! We will follow and hope to see you the next time you pass through Texas. By the way, my Grandparents lived in Chula Vista for years. My Grandfather worked in an aircraft factory near there.

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