San Diego

Friday 12/20/13

It rained cats and dogs last night but was nice and sunny this morning.  With trepidation we climbed onto the roof to check the slide toppers.  Yippeee!  No standing water.  I think we have a winning idea.  Hmmmm might be something we could market in a modified form.

You can see the wildlife refuge in front of the camper.  Have been watching blue herons, egrets, sandpipers and several red tail hawks.


Took the bus into down town San Diego.  Only $1.10 each for us senior citizens.  I guess there are a few plusses on aging.

Lots of flowering shrubs especially hibiscus all around. I really like the fluffy white flower.




Saturday 12/21/13

We rode our bikes to the grocery store and passed the salt works.  Those two mini heaps in the background are nearly 40 feet high. In the foreground  is one of the salt ponds edged in salt. They produce over 75 tons a year.  Now that’s what I call a heaping teaspoon.


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4 Responses to San Diego

  1. Minita says:

    Hey you two ! I’m loving this blog stuff. It’s a fun way to keep track of you and you only have to write it once:) Rose your flower pictures are beautiful as always. And you have my curiosity up on your market plan for your camper! Dean MacGyver probably came up with some ingenious idea 🙂 I’m getting a bit low on my sea salt.. Do you think you can send me some of that heaping teaspoon? Keep up the cycling so we can plan a trip !

  2. Monty says:

    Lovely way to keep track of your travels and happenings. Hope to see you both soon. Love, Kathy and Monty.

  3. Tita says:

    Hi Rose and Dean!

    So happy that y’all are truly retired now. Great photos, great blog. Look forward to following along.

  4. Janice says:

    Great pics. Wishing you two a very merry Christmas. Love the blog!

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