San Diego #2

Sunday 12/22/13

We rode our bikes up to Coronado today.  The dedicated bike path is really great.  I even managed to ride back myself without hanging on to Deans coat so he can help pull me along.  I do love a following wind!

According to the app on my phone between biking and walking on the beach I managed to burn up 1000 calories.  I think that app is lying, lying.  My large middle section never seems to shrink.  I need that excess middle section to migrate to the boobs and butt.

Dean was really working it trying to hold up the Coronado bridge.


Birds of paradise seem to be one of the main plants  in the area.


The bloke riding this covered bicycle was getting plenty of attention.



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3 Responses to San Diego #2

  1. Minita says:

    I want one of those bikes for Christmas !

  2. Gus says:

    I see a 2nd career for Dean as a waiter, he’s got the wrist action. Merry Christmas from Silverton,OR

  3. Robin Cowan says:

    I Am Enjoying Traveling With You. I Cant Wait To See You Again. I Hope Its Soon. xo.

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