Photo Recycling

Wednesday 1/15/14

Well I finally pulled the plug on all our old photos and paper memorabilia.  It seems like an eon ago that we were using cameras with film that had to be developed.  I for one do not miss it. I love being able to take photos (with my phone most of the time) and send them to the computer or message them right away.

I had scanned most of our photos several years ago. On some of our journeys across the country I would have the scanner up by my seat and just scan the suckers in.  Pulling them out of the albums was a job in itself.  Looking at many of those photos I would wonder why on earth I had kept them, poor photography skills for sure.  Anyway I soon learned the fine art of discard and trash.

I put them all in folders by year which was as far as I wanted to go with categorizing.  Eventually I went through them all doing basic editing such as redeye, cropping, and color enhancement.  Some of the photos from the 70’s had turned a peculiar shade of purple/green.  The enhancement button really cleaned them up nicely.  I also managed to delete plenty more.

Remember those black and white tiny, tiny photos from our parents albums.  Well I got a hold of lots of those from both Deans folks and mine. Once I had them scanned in I could enlarge and it’s amazing how much better they are. You can actually see who is in the picture!

I had kept all the originals just in case,  but now with good old drop box “cloud storage” those pics are floating about somewhere in the air above me.  The originals have gone to recycle heaven.

Hundreds of photos and papers

Hundreds of photos and papers

I have just finished scanning all old letters, cards from the boys and all other paper “Stuff” I had been hanging onto.  It’s all nicely ordered into folders. Again floating in the “cloud”.

Now I can see my stuff from anywhere and it’s safely stored.  It’s really great being able to stream photos to the TV.  I can put in albums and have music playing. We seem to look at them more often.  Those photos look so much better on the 40″ screen.  Well, some of them anyway.

Camped in southern Utah

Camped in southern Utah

Alligators in Florida

Alligators in Florida

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6 Responses to Photo Recycling

  1. Gus says:

    Rose, I am always inspired by your practical tips. The photo/video transfer is on my retirement “to do” list, another reason to delay retirement ? Thanks for your “Rose Tips”. Maybe Dean will start sharing his insights down the road ?

  2. Donna says:

    Good job with the photos, something we have talked about as well but have not got there as of yet. I am enjoying reading your blog, keep up the good work,
    Donna & Tom

  3. Teta says:

    At one time you were saving photos and throwing out vegetable scraps… you’re saving the veggie scraps and throwing out the photos…….LOL! Love it!

  4. martina kirkwood says:

    Good job rose, lot of hard work you have done there.nice not to have all that clutter. Martina.

  5. martina kirkwood says:

    Missed you this last week! Dean & i had a good time. See ya soon

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