Making Cheese

Monday 2 /3/13

I have just finished making 2 wheels of cheese.  A couple of years ago  I missed eating a Welsh cheese called Caerphilly so much that I decided to have a bash at making it myself.  It’s a bit crumbly and tangy.  Great with crackers and pickled onions.

It’s one of the few cheeses that is easy to make in a camper.  It’s ready to eat in about a month and can mature in the regular fridge rather than a temperature controlled environment which most other kinds need.

First I warm 2 gallons of milk in my cheese pan/canner. I just put it in the sink with warm water.


After adding an enzyme and rennet the milk sits for a bit then it firms up.  I slice and dice it in the pan and then stir for a while and the curds separate from the whey.


Next I drain the curds into my colander/fruit bowl and slice it into slabs to let more whey drain off.


Now it’s time to crumble the curds and add some salt.


After packing the curds into a mold I add some weight.  Those foil covered slabs are rocks we found.  Since space is a premium in the camper we try to multi task as much as we can. Dean drilled holes in my cutting boards to make the cheese press.


The next day I have my 2lb wheel of cheese.  It has to sit on a rack for a couple of days to dry out a bit.


Now it’s waxing time. The wax help protect the cheese from going moldy as it matures.  I heat the food grade wax and dip the wheel in several times.


After the wheel is completely encased I label it and then it’s into the fridge to mature.  I will take a picture when I open it in a month or so.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for some decent flavor and texture.  As with most stuff I make I have successes and failures.  Thank goodness Dean is a willing taster.


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5 Responses to Making Cheese

  1. Donna Blanchard says:

    I barely take the time to make real oatmeal – you’re such an inspiration!

    (that’s it, I’m definitely cooking… something tomorrow!)

  2. Debbi says:

    Rose I look forward to your posts so much! You are always making something amazing. I have made your vegetable broth (two thumbs up), but don’t know that I’m adventurous enough for the cheese. I can’t imagine how you found the recipe or the ingredients for this. Hope it is wonderful!!

  3. Donna says:

    Well you go girl, pizza, bread, cheese…….you are amazing. I do make the vegetable broth often, very good to drink when a hunger pang hits me & a cup of tea isn’t working to fill me. A warm cup of broth is wonderful. Hope there is some cheese left when we see you in March.

  4. Gina Gluth says:

    You are ‘your Mother’s daughter ‘, she would have loved all that!!! xxxGina

  5. Donna says:

    finally got to try some of the cheese, delicious. so glad you shared it with us.

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