Santa Paula

Wednesday 2/12/13

Santa Paula is a pretty quiet town. Have not heard a police/ambulance/fire siren yet, which is a nice change from our last place in Long Beach where the racket was pretty constant.  Also the little town is clean and tidy.  Hardly any trash, another significant change from Long Beach.  The town is surrounded by citrus (mostly lemon) trees and also avocado.  I am starting to get that guacamole feeling.

IMG_2081                           IMG_2079

We stopped to check out the library.  Only us older library visitors will remember when the card draw was the only way to locate a book.

IMG_0228          IMG_0229

There are lots of trees in bloom all over town.

IMG_2070   IMG_0252

Dean is sitting in front of a motorcycle  statue honoring 2 local policemen who saved many lives by racing about on their motorbikes warning families of a dam break.



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7 Responses to Santa Paula

  1. Gus says:

    Love following the adventures of Dean & Rose

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    Looks a lovely town Rose, you could be in some of the towns in England, except for the lemon trees and sunshine!!!! Yes, I remember those card indexes. Just got back from 3 weeks in Antigua, enjoyed it very much. Now back to the wind and rain, wellies are the footwear of the day!!
    Have you got a copy of your text/mex chilli recipe that you gave me years ago, I think I have mislaid it in this last move. Tarn and I were talking about it on holiday. Keep on sending the news reports love reading them. Lots of love to you both xxxGina

  3. Paige johnson says:

    Looks like you are having a fun time. Thought of you guys as we went to the Gallon House (new place in town). And they had 4beers from double mountain. Didn’t make it through all 4.

  4. Dean was drooling a bit at the thought of double mountain. His favorite is hop lava which he can and has drunk by the gallon.

  5. martina kirkwood says:

    Hey Dean&Rose, The marmalade looks good but like a lot of work. Dean I see you really relate to the motorcycles. I still say you need one. I sure wish you could have been here through the snow
    it would have been fun on the route.Take care M&M

  6. Merlene Westerbeck says:

    Wow! What a paradise! You look like you are in hog heaven! ( so to speak) The fruit and avaccado tree makes me drool ! Love the photos!!!

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