Santa Barbara

Our time in southern coastal California is coming to an end.  Next week we are heading to Death Valley National Park.  We have had quite a bit of rain lately so hopefully will see some wildflowers blooming in the park.  I don’t really expect to though as the drought in southern California has been very severe.

Walking on the beach in Santa Barbara yesterday we saw the result of the storm from a few days ago. We didn’t hear of any injuries thank goodness.



Then we walked around the harbor.  This boat had a condemned notice on it.  I guess you can have boat trash as well as trailer trash.  Some people just don’t understand the concept of clean and tidy.

IMG_2135          IMG_2136

Santa Barbara has many pretty buildings including the courthouse. It’s a lovely 360 view from the clock tower.

IMG_2105          IMG_2092

We stopped in at the local chippy.  Lovely battered cod and those mushy peas were great. The beach by the pier had plenty of beggars. At least this guy was honest about what he wanted the money for.

IMG_2090   IMG_0244

We biked quite a lot around Ventura and even managed to get in some hiking. We have had a good time but we’re getting itchy feet.  We hope to stay on the move a bit more now Spring is springing.

P1000918             IMG_0080

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5 Responses to Santa Barbara

  1. Dax says:

    Real fish-n-chips!!!! Also mash peas and strongbow cider, had to be an English bloke running the joint.
    I want that.

  2. Paige johnson says:

    That does look yummy!
    I’ve enjoyed all the news and pictures, and also your marmalade episode.
    Enjoy Death Valley; I do hope there may be spring flowers:). Should be fascinating.

  3. martina kirkwood says:

    Sure was good to see you guys. I will call you when i hear about our taxes. M&M

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