Death Valley National Park

Monday 17th March

We have had a very nice week in Death Valley National Park.  I think the National Parks are fantastic and have visited many over the years.  There are still quite a few to go and we hope to get to them all.

IMG_2210       IMG_2292

No hook ups but we stayed comfy using the generator for air conditioning in the heat of the day.  We did all our hiking in the early morning and evening.  It was very pleasant at night with the windows open. With a humidity factor between 5% – 10% and -190 feet below sea level there was no problem with sweaty bodies.  I think I now have an inkling on how the Ancient Mummies were preserved!

IMG_2307   IMG_2197

My vision of a desert covered with spring wildflowers was dashed. I was amazed to see these little beauties and there was no other greenery around them!

IMG_2205   IMG_2285

Dean was demonstrating a golf swing at the ‘Devils Golf Course’.  He used a driver for the long swing and putter for the close up shot. This whole area is rock salt eroded into a jagged spires.

IMG_2219    IMG_2273

We hiked into a lot of canyons and really appreciated the shady spots.

IMG_2304                  IMG_2204

After holding up this rock for a while Dean was ready for a nap.

IMG_2280  IMG_2202

We don’t know much about rocks but really like looking at them and climbing over, under and around them.

IMG_2209        IMG_2279

There used to be a borax operation in the area.  They used 20 mules to pull these wagons full of borax to nearby communities for processing.

Now That's A Wheel

Now That’s A Wheel


Lots of people were camping in the park.  Sizes ranged from one man tents to motorhomes and everything in-between.  I thought this camper was one of the best.


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3 Responses to Death Valley National Park

  1. Marion says:

    Looks like a fantastic place to visit!

  2. Tom Laidlaw says:

    Hi Rose & Dean. Great post. How long are you guys going to be in Death Valley. Our timing – We are leaving Yuma in the morning of Friday, Apr 4th, and can be in Red Rock Canyon by late that afternoon. Is that timing going to work to meet you guys there? We will be seeing Tom & Donna in a few days when they get back here to Yuma, and will work with them to coordinate timing, etc. Hope it will work out. Really hoping to see you guys. Tom & Jan

    Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 15:58:15 +0000 To:

  3. Merlene and Ronnie says:

    Wonderful photos! Looks like great fun! Will watch for updates!

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