East of Zion

I want to thank our lovely family and friends for all your great comments.  I appreciate all input.  If you ever have any questions I will certainly do my best to answer them.

We stayed in the little town of Kanab  ( A whopping 43 miles east of Zion) for a couple of days to get caught up on inside cleaning and laundry.  We also managed a nice little hike into a sandstone slot canyon.  These are the kind of slots we like rather than the casino type.  A lot cheaper too!

IMG_0056           DSC05052

We wanted to hike a slot canyon called “The Wave”.  It was on a lottery system that Dean signed up for two days in a row. Only 10 numbers are picked each day out of 40 to 50.  No luck but we found another very nice canyon to explore.

IMG_0068   IMG_0069     IMG_0079

Dax sent me this picture from one of his trips to Zion.  I always thought how cool it looked. The next picture is a mom interpretation.  Not so cool but hey I am a geezerette.

IMG_0066_1              IMG_0089


Our next stop was Page, Arizona, just across the Utah border.  These pictures are of Glen Canyon Dam. The red rock and blue water of the Colorado River are a really pretty contrast.

IMG_0097      IMG_0099      IMG_0093

We walked along the edge of the cliff.  It was a 1000 ft drop off.  Years ago I would have stood a lot closer to the edge but caution is finally catching up with me. I asked Dean to look like a professional climber and I think he did a pretty good job.

IMG_0116            IMG_0110

Moving on tomorrow…….



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7 Responses to East of Zion

  1. Teta says:

    We just had a lovely visit with Dax and Olivia! It was so sweet of them to spend time with us. Y’all did such a good job with those boys!

    Enjoying the blog…..beautiful scenery and photos. Dean….love the new doo!

  2. carol says:

    those pics are fantastic!

  3. Paige johnson says:

    We’re enjoying your exploits so much. Hope to see some of the same sights one day!

  4. Norma Spencer says:

    Really enjoy all the sights and your happy faces,,,,,,,,hope to see you some time!

  5. Gina Gluth says:

    WOW Rose, amazing pictures, keep them coming. Have been to Wales in caravan for Easter break. Hope you and Dean had a nice Easter and not too many eggs!!!!!!! Will FaceTime soon
    promise. xxxx Gina

  6. Donna Blanchard says:

    Stunning photos, Rose! Dean needs a haircut… but you both look as wonderful as the landscape!

  7. Sandy Lobdell says:

    You are on a great adventure! The colors of the rocks are beautiful. We had dinner with Dax and Olivia – what a great pair. Keep on sending those pictures!

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