Bluff, Utah

Saturday 4/26/14

We have had a nice quiet week in Bluff (southeast of nowhere) Utah.  There is quite a bit to see considering the isolated location.

There is one gas station with a tiny grocery shop attached. The closest supermarket is 60 miles and the big box stores 110 miles. Good job we came topped up with food and adult beverages.

Just this  week I have seen these unusual camper set ups.  The white rig has a motorbike as well as the jeep.  We recently (in Nevada) replaced our two front tires and will replace the other 4 before heading up to Alaska. Those suckers cost $550 each.  That white rig has ten on the puller and six on the trailer!!

IMG_0130   IMG_0120

We took a day trip to Natural Bridges Nation Monument. A 7 mile hike up, down and around the bridges gave our legs a real workout.  Dean makes holding that bridge up look really easy.

IMG_0172    IMG_0171

Plenty of ladders and steep descents.  This Kingcup cactus is going to look amazing in another week.

IMG_0163             IMG_0179


A couple of the bridges from underneath.

IMG_0190          IMG_0189

We stopped by Gooseneck Park. Talk about a curvy river.  This portion of the San Juan River  takes 6 miles of loops to move 1 mile west.


Just a few miles from Bluff we drove on some rough roads and found these Hoodoo formations.

IMG_0216             IMG_0217

Utah is packed with these things.  Every shape, size and colour.  We must have seen a zillion lizards and one bunny.  Not a snake to be found.

IMG_0208  IMG_0207

I am always on the lookout for flowers.  This Yucca seed pod had finished flowering but just looked interesting. The Indian Paintbrush is busting out all over.

DSC05061 - Version 2         P1030185

This Yellow Bladderpod and White California Evening Primrose were looking pretty healthy considering the arid terrain.

DSC05062 - Version 2      DSC05056


Moving on to Colorado tomorrow.  Jay and Dax we are getting closer……..



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