Hair Cuts

Tuesday 4/29/14

We have been dealing with a cold snap.  Some rain, lots of wind and very nippy.  The trousers, coats, hats and gloves had to be unpacked.



Since we were trapped like rats in the motor home it seemed like a good time to do a little hair trimming.  Dean finally decided he couldn’t handle the long hair especially after seeing his pony tail.

IMG_0127          IMG_0145

I got out the trusty buzzer and gave him a 1″ noggin trim.  He is back to ‘normal’

IMG_0149            IMG_0150

I even let Dean have control of the scissors to give me a trim.  I was a bit anxious but he did a very nice job.

IMG_0220            IMG_0222

We figured the hair cutting savings could be spent in a more enjoyable way.

IMG_1507            photo



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9 Responses to Hair Cuts

  1. Donna Blanchard says:

    Very nice job on the cutting – cheers!

  2. Janice Shenker says:

    Sent from my iPad


  3. LeRoy says:

    Very good , second jobs?

  4. Sandy Lobdell says:

    Wow! You guys need to go into business!

  5. Gina Gluth says:

    I cut Eric’s all the time, but I wouldn’t let him near mine. Dean has done a lovely job on yours Rose, you need a red & white pole set up by your trailer. All our love Gina & Eric (he’s gone to Portugal today to play golf, I’m going to Wales.) xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Donna says:

    Wow you guys look awesome, Dean you did an amazing job on Rose’s hair, I love it. Looks like you have been having lots of fun, too bad the weather has been so cool.

  7. Donna says:

    Oh and that bottle of wine, looks like you might need someone to help you drink it. I volunteer!!1

  8. Merlene says:

    Ok-I’m so impressed! You are certainly self sufficient! Great job – the both of you! Deans hair looks do much better short! Looks 10 years younger! But hey you gave the long stuff a try😀 you look so much like dad! I gasped when I first saw it! Roster your. Forever beautiful – love your hair shorter too. I just had a bunch of red it into my hair! It is interesting for sure! Lol

  9. martina kirkwood says:

    I like the back to normal look much better

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