Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Friday 30th May 2014

Finally arrived at a campground with some workable wifi.  Thought I better get this out before June. We had a lovely time visiting with our lads in Colorado.

We stayed in Denver for a couple of weeks . The day before Mothers day the boys came for a visit.  We played some boules in the lovely warm sunny afternoon.


A few games of pool before dinner to get the appetites primed.


As long as they have their own blankies the lads don’t mind sharing sleeping quarters.


The next morning we all awoke to a whiteout.  I guess that’s Colorado in the Springtime!


We then moved up to Fort Collins for a week.  Jay gave us a tour of his new workplace.


We also got to see his house.  Looks a little sparse. Note the fancy chair folded up by the wall.  He made plenty of room for his new hobby of beer brewing.  Dean got to try a couple of different kinds and was quite impressed.  Jay, get that hard cider up and running for your mom by the time we make a return visit.


We all still love our Honda Elements.


We had the lads redo an old competition from years ago.  Who can light the fire with just one match?  Even though they used different styles one match still did the job.


Image1-228 copy 2      Image1-228 copy 3c

That bought back memories of the arm wrestling competitions from back in the day.  The picture on the right is 10 years ago.

IMG_0310    family pics 023

I could hardly believe Jay’s facial addition. He had been growing that for the last few months. Jay was a really good sport and let mom give him a trim job.

IMG_0252      IMG_0405

My lovely mostly clean shaven lads.  It was a sad time to give them the big hugs and kisses goodbye.  Our journey continues.


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2 Responses to Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado

  1. Tina says:

    Love seeing the family together!! How fun!!!

  2. Melvin says:

    It looks like the boys are doing well good to hear from you all it was good to see you altogether again hope to see you guys soon bye

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