We have been busy getting the bus and car “Alaska ready”  Both vehicles had new tires and oil changes.  Those 6 beasts on the bus alone cost $500 each  which seems like a fortune but when your house moves along the road you have to keep up the “foundation”.  We thought California roads were bad until we got to Colorado.  Those potholes could swallow a small car.  Colorado, please use some of your huge tax revenue from legal ‘pot’ and fill in the pots on the road system!

I wanted Dean to crawl into a tire for a cute picture but he said it was my turn to do the crawling.  This is as close as I would get.


We were able to wash the camper at this campground so took advantage.  I think Dean looks good with a brush in his hands.  The pink tree was right outside my window.  What a treat and it was a popular spot for the Cedar Waxwings to snack on the petals.

IMG_0657        P1030203


This little set up pulled into the campground for one night.  The smart car was painted to match the camper.



Goodbye Montana and Hello Alberta Canada.


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4 Responses to Montana

  1. Debbi Hanchett says:

    Safe travels you two! We are a bit jealous, and will watch eagerly for your updates. Would love to tour Canada some day ourselves. We woke up this morning on the beach in Hawai’i. We will have to manage for awhile without out our bus :). We have daughter and son-in law considering a move to Ft Collins. Would love to put them in touch with your boys for advice if they would be amenable.

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    When you both get to Alaska I need all the info, as R Neen & Sally are planning on going there next year 2015. Enjoy your trip xxxxxGina

  3. jj says:

    we miss you-jj

  4. Donna & Tom says:

    Welcome to Canada you two, love reading your posts. That smart car was soooo cute. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of your trip & hearing about all your adventures. Have a bodacious trip. hehehehehe

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