Fast drive to Alaska

Monday 16th June 2014

We travelled at a pretty good clip through Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon as it rained a good bit of the time. The countryside was beautiful and another year we would like to spend a lot more time exploring.  Had some scary fill ups at the Canadian pumps. $5.45 a gallon was one of the cheaper prices.  It was best to just shove the card in the slot and not look any more.


We saw lots of buffalo along side the road in B.C


Also quite a few black bears, some with cubs.


Dawson City, B.C was the start of the Alaska Highway. 1390 miles later we were in Delta Junction Alaska. Most of the roads were OK but further north especially in the Yukon we had to slow way down due to frost heaves.  We hit a couple at about 50mph and though being airborne in a camper was a really thrilling experience we tried to avoid all future levitation. Long stretches of 25-30 mph.  Good job we had a couple of excellent audio books to pass the time.

IMG_0697          IMG_0742

Dean was trying to demonstrate being attacked by the mosquito which many Alaskans say is the state bird.  We had to stop for a picture of the Alaskan oil pipeline. Wish we could have siphoned off a hundred gallons for the camper.

IMG_0744   IMG_0748


We stopped close to Fairbanks.  This campground also allowed us to wash the vehicles and by golly we washed off about a ton of mud. We took a little hike and I found some nice flowers.  The mosquitos were pretty bad but the head netting and good old toxic Deet spray kept us mostly intact.


I thought this leaf looked unusual.



Taking a walk by the river next to the campground.  Lovely and sunny.  It’s only 10pm. We are starting to acclimate to the 21 hours of daylight and 3 hours of twilight.


Next destination, Denali National Park.


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2 Responses to Fast drive to Alaska

  1. Donna & Tom says:

    well you two have really put the pedal to the metal, good for you. Ya those gas prices are just a little hard to take after living in the US……we struggle with it every time we get home. Love all the pictures, keep them coming. Donna

  2. Ron Westerbeck says:

    thanks for all the updates pics are great

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