Homer, Alaska

Wednesday 25th June 2014

Blimey Alaska your internet is bloody awful.  I guess I should forgive you since you are up by the arctic ocean.  Finally got a bit of goodness so posting quick smart.

We booked it down to Homer as it was one of the few unrainy spots in the state. I think this town must be the Eugene of the State of Alaska.  For all  my family and friends who have not had the pleasure and fun of visiting Oregon, Eugene is the laid back, hippy type city.

We certainly enjoyed the view from the front window.  Lots of snowy mountains


We camped on Homer Spit which is a thin long strip jutting out at the edge of town.  Many of the buildings were on stilts.


I like this idea.  You have a twofer with housing on the top and storage underneath.


This is a good way to cover a bad paint job.


This boat/house had not been sailing recently.


This store name epitomizes Homer.



I was trying to obey the sign.  Note my Alaska summer attire!


Lots of people camped in tents on the very rocky beach.  I do love the comfort of my house.


This eagle was a close neighbor. He/she? was always on the lookout for fish from the cleaning station.


We took a water taxi across the bay to Kachemak State Park for a hike.  We hauled ourselves across this river with the rope pull.




We watched some young guys get the basket swinging over the river so we gave it a try but only managed a little bounce.



The destination was Grewingk Glacier Lake.


Plenty of icebergs from the glacier were bobbing about.


Dean got a thirst on.



Mmmm. Mine was Bergalicious.


This tree had few hangers on.


As always, I’m on the flowers,


Not sure what this was but I thought it looked interesting.

P1030320        P1030327


After a great day out Dean had to check out the local brewery.



I think he really believes this sign in the brewery.


After a week here we are now on our way to Seward.


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3 Responses to Homer, Alaska

  1. Dax Kirkwood says:

    Those furry flowers look like dreadlocks, even the flowers are hippies in Homer!

  2. Paige johnson says:

    You are seeing and hiking some beautiful areas on your trip! Did you get out to Halibut Cove while in Homer?
    We stayed at the very end of the spit when in town, and enjoyed the area so much!
    Hugs and take care, Paige

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