Kenai Fiords National Park

Tuesday 1st July 2014

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day so we had a great 10 mile round trip hike to the Harding Icefield in Kenai Fiord NP. This sign was at the trail head. We had our trusty can of bear spray along just in case.


This guy carried that gallon jug of water and bag of sandwiches all the way to the top. And then he had to bring the empties back down.  He said he forgot to bring a backpack. We gave some water to a guy who was walking a lot of the trail barefoot.  He just had two small jam jars to carry his water.


There were quite a few columbines out on the lower part of the trail.

P1030384 P1030387

We tried out the new water filter Jay had told us to buy. It looks kind of hokey but works like a charm.  We filled up several times from the many glacial streams.  Thanks Jay, Dad appreciated not lugging all that water weight up the mountain!

IMG_0861 IMG_0895


The trail went through a lot of trees and then out into the open and the views were fantastic.

IMG_0901 IMG_0882There was still quite a bit of snow to trudge through close to the top.


I had to stop for a little rest in the white stuff.  Not often I can say I had a lie down on a glacier.


As always the trek down was a whole lot easier.


There were lots of buttercups and lupines on the middle slopes


I don’t know what these plants are but they looked interesting.

P1030403     P1030395

All in all, a bodacious day.


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6 Responses to Kenai Fiords National Park

  1. Calleen Jordan says:

    Sounds as though you guys are having a wonderful time. So jealous. Hot here, 95 today but beautiful. We miss you.

  2. LeRoy says:

    I think the pic of the berry is a premature salmonberry, If you go to Valdez by the time you get there the salmonberries should be ripe.

  3. Ron Westerbeck says:

    Rose tell me more about the water filter, by the way piks were beautifull, ron

    • Hi Ron
      The water filter is a ‘Sawyer Squeeze Filter’ and costs about $40. You just fill the pouch with any water but a running stream is easiest. Then screw on the filter and squeeze the water into your bottle. It only weighs a few ounces and filters out most bugs including giardia.

      • Merlene says:

        Hi me Rose! Hike looks fabulous ! We went on a 10 mile round trip in the smokies the weekend of the 4th with Tery and Sandi ! Had a great time! We’re hooked! We have water filter too! It is easier! Ours is different – has ultra violet rays that kills stuff also a filter to catch the junk. Works well. Caught up with Minita today. Hope to see every one soon! Be careful on your travels! Love you!!!

      • So thrilled you both are into the hiking. I am really impressed with the ten miler. You guys are the bomb!!!

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