Kenai Area

Wednesday 16th July 2018

We stayed in Soldotna for a week waiting for the Sockeye salmon to come rushing up the river.  It rained almost every day.  Alaska please send some of this rain to the lower western 48. We need a 2 month drought up here.  Well, the wretched salmon would not cooperate which is annoying since Dean bought a fishing license.  I think we Kirkwood’s have some kind of fishing hex on us.


We went to the city Kenai, which is at the mouth of the Kenai river to watch the Alaskans (you have to be a legal resident) dip net quite a few salmon.


The beach was full of Alaskans with these massive hoop nets.  They just lay them in the water and wait for the fish to swim in.


This bloke snagged a nice one.


This should be Dean bringing home the bacon (salmon)



A lot of the houses looked pretty dilapidated,  but this took the prize.  I liked the flower display though.



We have not seen any grizzlies yet but this moose family was a joy to watch.


After giving up on the salmon run we moved up the coast to a very nice National Forest camp near Portage.  We drove the car through North Americas longest tunnel to Whittier. It’s 2 ½ miles long.

It’s one way every 30 minutes. The railroad also shares this tunnel.


Most of the small population of Whittier live in this apartment building. Yikes! We thought living in the camper was close quarters.


After a mile hike up the mountain Dean points out one of the many glaciers.


This is Portage glacier.


We enjoyed the visitors center.  I think Dean looks like a professional kayaker.


Smokey the bear was getting a little fresh with his left hand.




On to Anchorage.


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7 Responses to Kenai Area

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    Keep this news coming, enjoying looking at your photo’s and reading your snippets. xxxxGina & Eric xxxx

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Beautiful photos. What an incredible trip. Hope to get together one of these days!!
    Have a wonderful time!

  3. Paige johnson says:

    Thanks for the posts. Reminds us of our trip to Alaska.

  4. says:

    Fun to see what a great trip you are having, Dean and Rose… We’re wondering if you plan to take in the Copper River area (fishing possibilities :-), and Wrangell- St. Elias National park while in Alaska. Could be good fishing there and the fascinating old Kennecott copper mine to tour. A bit tricky to get to, but worth it if you can. You might have to park the motor home and drive the Honda in for a night in MaCarthy. Such a neat historic area, it was one of the highlights when we were there. But you guys are doing a lot! Take care and hope to see you when you come through Oregon, Paige Sent from my iPad


  5. John Kirkwood says:

    Please don’t forget to add the Virginia Kirkwood clan to next years’ schedule. We have a second driveway that is quite long and straight. This driveway pulls beside the side entrance to the house and is tree lined. You will enjoy a large swimming pool, and deck along with a room upstairs if you want.

    John and Barb

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