Anchorage to Denali NP

Sunday 20th July 2014

We took our time driving up to Denali NP as it was raining quite a bit.  We are hearing this is one of the wettest summers up here in a long time.  Thank you NOT very much Alaska.

This Cabellas in Anchorage is a huge outdoor store with a really nice overnight parking area for campers. We enjoyed their free hospitality.


Moving up the road bit to Wasilla.  This campground looks like a real dump. It felt like being on the Beverly Hillbillies with  Ma and Pa Clampett running the campground.   We stayed here a few days to wait out a rainstorm. The rates were cheap and they had great wifi so we weren’t complaining. This was a typical camper.


The owners had a huge patch of rhubarb.



I traded a bar of Rose’s soap for this pile of deliciousness.  Stewed rhubarb and custard here we come.


I thought this airport was quite posh.



Finally a clear day and we managed to see Mount Denali from the back side.  Looks like a beast at over 20,000 feet.


We are heading into the park with no phone or internet for the next week. Keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine and wildlife.


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2 Responses to Anchorage to Denali NP

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Looks like a great time. The campground reminded me of one at Green river back in the sticks. Glad we had our guns

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    Just look at the size of the rhubarb, it’s true – everything’s BIG in America!!!! Keep the news coming, love you both xxxGina & Eric xxxxx

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