Still in Idaho

Thursday 28th August 2014

The small towns have the best stuff.  The white building is the City Hall in Bellview.


This bridge was shaped as a bow.


And this was the arrow right next to it.


It started raining and then a massive blast of hail.  Living in a  small fiberglass/styrafoam/metal house we are always nervous when unusual weather happens.


Luckily the hail only grew to pea size and no damage occurred.


We moved on to Boise, Idaho.  The first large city in many months and good place to get some errands done.

American football was just getting started at the local elementary and middle schools.  This park had 16 fields and they were packed on this Saturday. Hundreds of players and their cheering on families.


We like to visit state capitols if possible.


This area is quite famous for the Lewis and Clark expedition passing through.  I am being friendly with Lewis and Twisted Hair (a Nez Perce Native American)


Dean in yet another prison. This one is was the Idaho State penitentiary, closed since 1975.


Does anyone remember that song about the tumbling tumble weed?


Well,  this weed tumbled right over the cliff.


I have been on the lookout for potatoes but no luck yet.  For my English family, Idaho is famous for it’s potatoes.  We have seen a lot of giant corn though.


I almost snagged this ear but it wasn’t quite ripe yet.



A little hike around Balanced Rock.  I even got to hold it up for a few seconds.



We are the only color in the landscape.



On the way back to the camper we saw a U-pick sign.  Snagged peaches at 29¢ a pound. Peach smoothies here we come.  Also got some nectarines, plums and tomatoes.  It sure was great to scarf down some tomatoes that actually tasted like they grew in the ground.



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6 Responses to Still in Idaho

  1. LeRoy & Carol says:

    Keep working your way west, we are in Hood River untill about the !st of Oct. were not at the park so give us a ring.

  2. Donna Blanchard says:

    I’m jealous of you for seeing a tumbling weed actually tumbling! I’ve driven through the dessert twice now and have still yet to see one of the dang things move!

  3. Monty Kirkwood says:

    Did you get our flight info?

    Sent from my iPhone


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