Twin Falls, Idaho

Friday 5th September 2014

This is a nice looking bridge spanning the Snake River in Twin Falls.



It’s a popular spot for base jumpers.  These guys are taking a VERY long time to get their parachutes just so.


The tiny blue blob in the lower left is a guy close to landing.  It seems like a lot of work setting up and then getting back up the canyon for a 1 minute drop down.



These falls looked pretty good but in late Spring water covers all the rocks.



On our way to a hike we had to weave our way through a round up.  You know you are in the back country when the cows outnumber the people.


City of Rocks National Recreation Area is a great area for rock climbers.  The tiny blob is a climber nearly at the top.  There were climbers on just about all the rocks.


I could not resist taking this photo.


I thought this was Dean but apparantly its me in the hole.  We have been together so many years we look the same.  We just had a wedding anniversary and the only reason we remembered it was because our40th last year was also Jays graduation.  On the drive to his thesis presentation we figured it was our 40th and we decided Jay’s success was the best present we could have ever received.


Onwards to Nevada.

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4 Responses to Twin Falls, Idaho

  1. hope your having a good time seeing the beautiful sites of this country. love ya martina.

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Forty tears oh years congratulations! Looking forward to vegas

  3. Donna & Tom says:

    well I am so surprised Dean didn’t jump out to hurry the cattle along, or maybe you could have. Oh and happy anniversary. enjoy your travels. Tom & I will be in Watchman campground on Oct 26 for a week and then moving to Mesa to stay at Towerpoint campground for 2 months,

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