Phoenix Christmas

Wednesday 31st December 2014

By a stroke of serendipity we managed to have both our wonderful boys come and visit for a few days over Christmas.  We are still in Phoenix at the ‘Old Folks Park’ as the lads called it.  This is only the second time in 10 years we have all been together over Christmas.  A parent could not ask for a better present.  A joyful reunion to say the least.

Lots of sunny weather made for great outdoor enjoyment.  A little hike into the Superstition Mountains was fun.



Imitating the mighty Saguaros and a bit of rock climbing.

IMG_2058          IMG_2116

Jay took over as the master chef and the rest of us were his happy assistants.

IMG_1987         IMG_1991


We had some smashing meals.



The pool room was top notch.


Jay managed to whip everyone at golf on the 9 hole course in the park.


It seems like we all like the same toothbrush.


Jay picked some lemons to take back to Colorado.



Dax took back his hat he had loaned to Dean.  It sure looks a lot better on him.



As always the lads had some arm wrestling competitions.  I do believe they both won a round.



I think Dean and I are on a rapid shrinking mode as the lads just seem to get taller.



We played lots of pickle ball every day.  Even though the lads called it ‘old people tennis’, they got a good work out and a pretty good beat down from some of our pickler friends in the park. I made them name badges so they fit into the geriatric crowd.

IMG_2134_2       IMG_2133_2


We have had some lovely sunsets lately.

IMG_2096     IMG_1968

Wishing all our family and friends a most wonderful holiday season. Let us all have a happy and healthy 2015.



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7 Responses to Phoenix Christmas

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    Lovely pictures once again Rose and extra special with the lads in. Tell Dax I love the Indianna Jones look! Your all looking fit and healthy and long may that last. Alls well with us in Oz, enjoyed seeing the New Year in with half our family, but sorely miss the UK half as well. Kev, Karen & little Henry may be living with us when we get back to the UK as Karen hopefully has sold her house so we are keeping our fingers crossed all goes well, as I will love taking care of the little’un. Once again our very best wishes for a happy & healthy 2015 and beyond to all the Kirkwood’s from the Gluths lots of love Gina & Eric xxxxxxxx

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Wished we could have been there looks like you’re having fun

  3. Duke and Ron says:

    Happy New Year from the Ramsey’s

  4. Donna & Tom says:

    great photos Rose, loved meeting your boys, men I guess. Happy New Year to both of you, see you on the 6th

  5. Martina Kirkwood says:

    Looks like you all had a great time, that is a good way to spend christmas with your boys. Hope to see you all soon. martina.

  6. Anesthesia Consultants says:

    So sorry we missed you! We were in Phoenix from Christmas to New Years visiting our boys!!!

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