Chiricahua National Monument

Saturday 14th February, 2015

Just popped in these pics of a bus stop in the old town area of Tucson. I thought it was pretty cool.

IMG_2259      IMG_2260

Finally we are on the move again.  Yippee!  With the fuel prices nice and low, we decided this would be a good time to explore the East side of this massive country.  We are hoping to be able to see some of our wonderful family and friends on the East Coast.

We are going to visit New Orleans and  Red Bay Alabama. Red Bay is not actually a destination spot but our motorhome factory is there and we need a few things fixed. Then onto Savannah Georgia and up the coast.  This journey will probably take the rest of the year.

Our first stop was Chiriacahua National Monument in south east Arizona.  We have visited this great place a few times over the years.  Being off the beaten pay it is a quiet park.

Yesterday we had a smashing 9 mile loop hike through many weird rock formations.  This place is famous for all these delicately balanced rocks.


At 7000ft its still a bit nippy in the morning.


Dean is always trying to hold up the rocks.



Time for a little rest although that boulder does not look very comfy.


Dean is trying a bit of crack climbing.


It’s amazing how some of these rocks stay upright.


I was not color coordinated but….

FullSizeRender 11


Dean matched the lichen really well.


I wonder how many years before this rock takes a tumble.


The Civilian Conservation Corps built all the trails in the park back in the early 1930’s.  This wall is typical of the wonderful workmanship.


Giant stones were placed for stairways up the steeper parts of trails.

We had to bushwack around quite a few trees blocking the trail.  After the hike we stopped in the visitor center to let them know and found out the park had been closed the day before due to massive winds that felled 16 trees on the road alone. Because the trail is in the wilderness area only hand tools are allowed.  Those park trail crews are going to have a big job ahead cutting and shifting trees upwards of 20″ in diameter with hand saws.


We did not get lost and no bashed up bodies like in Sabino Canyon, so altogether it was a lovely day.


Now we are heading toward Texas.  We plan on traveling along the coast and hopefully visiting our old friends Rhonda and Duke in Houston in a week or so.

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9 Responses to Chiricahua National Monument

  1. Duke and Rhonda says:

    Looking forward to seeing you guys. The only time we will not be here is the week of Feb 22nd as we will be in Cancun.
    Rhonda and Duke

  2. Carol Cottrell says:

    If you Re coming up by Connecticut let us know we are getting a blizzard today we have a lot of snow talk to you soon

  3. Martina Kirkwood says:

    Hey you two, When are you coming our way? We are expecting 4to 8 inches tonight or tomorrow. We hope you will find some time for us on your way across the country. You two sure looked better than the last hike trough the cactus patch.

  4. Thank you for the impressive pics!! Good to know that you are safe and sound after the last hike. We moved in to our new home yesterday!! We are very happy.!!! Hopefully you will make it to PEI this summer!!!

  5. ronnie says:

    very cool, luv the pics. luv you guys, Ronnie

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