Big Bend National Park, Texas

Friday 20th February 2015

We drove through this City in Texas on, you guessed it Valentines Day.  Just had to stop for a quick pic.  This was a REALLY small city, not even a stop sign.


Texans enjoy shooting stuff, especially stop signs.



Due to an extensive drought there was not much color in Big Bend so I don’t have many pics.

The halfway point on a hike in Big Bend was this hot springs.  Our feet certainly enjoyed the soothing warmth. A guy moved here and bathed and drank at this hot spring to cure his malaria back in the early 1900’s.


Our enterprising southern neighbors leave quite a few knick knacks on the trails with a jar for payment.


We thought a trip across the border would be fun.  Good job we have our passports on board.  I took this pic at the border crossing at just the right time for the projection.


This is the Mexican side of the Boquillas border crossing.



I am seated comfortably for our big boat ride across the Rio Grande which separates Mexico from the US in this part of Texas.


We splurged on transportation into town after our long boat trip.



Boquillas is very tiny and subsists on tourists just like us to keep their economy going.  They rely on solar panels and a few generators for electricity.



After the 3 minute walk through town we stopped for refreshments.  Seeing the poverty, and yet the hard work these people put into making a living,  sure makes us appreciate our good life.



Onwards, through Texas which will take a while as this state is larger than many countries.

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1 Response to Big Bend National Park, Texas

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    Your certainly seeing the USA, love the romantic picture, still going strong after all these years. Will face time when we get home early March, as Kev, Karen and Henry will be with us till they find a new house. Take care both, love you loads xxxGina

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