Tuesday 10th March 2015

Saw this unique RV in our campground.  Only one tiny window on each side.  I guess if they want to move locations it would take a crane to hoist it onto a truck.



Texas your weather has gone to pot.  It was so cold I felt like an ice cube.


A couple of days later we reached Padre Island National Seashore in southern Texas.


You can drive your vehicle on the beach on several stretches.  Thank goodness back to shorts weather.


There must have been a pelican colony close by as we watched many flocks gracefully swooping about in search of food.



The sunsets were a pleasure to watch.


Our campsite overlooked the beach which was lovely.  However, after only a couple of days the rainy coldness came back.  I guess we should have stayed in Arizona a few more weeks.  Note to Rose:  Remember this next year.  DO NOT LEAVE NICE WARM SUNNY AREA TOO EARLY!!



On to Houston to meet up with friends Duke and Rhonda from our early Air Force days in Madrid, Spain.  We were able to park the camper in front of their house which was very convenient.  We make the best guests as we bring our house with us. Catching up on families and remembering good times from Spain made for a super visit.


I borrowed Rhonda’s dress to get married in.  That was a really cheap wedding back in 1973.

2006-03-01 09.41.28


The coldy, rainy yuckiness is back so skipped New Orleans and headed to Red Bay Alabama.  Figured we might as well get our camper stuff fixed and hopefully by the time that’s done, we will be back into some decent weather pattern.

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  1. Janell Wheelock says:

    | | | |

    | | | Hi!  So happy to hear from you on each and every adventure! Funny about the container…I loved visiting Lightning Ridge (home of the Austalian Black Opal) where everyone lives in a container!  Cut a door.  Cut a window.  Easy, peasy! And, loved your wedding photo…Dean and Rose style! I am all about that. On our side, Kevin continues working at Swedish in Ballard 2-3 days a week although they would like to hire him full time.  He is not interested and I am glad about that.  We decided to go ahead and make our home a 2 bath.  Now it is 2bd/1 ba.  We have been OK with it for 7 years but is a bit inconvenient day to day.  Making an adjoining closet into a bathroom.  It is a walk-in closet so will work fine.  Work to start end of March and take about 2 months.  Getting bids now.  Wish we could do the work but we do cleanup and some that we can. Our Washington weather has been amazing this winter…so warm and hardly any rain.  Nice for us but now we are missing the rain.  Plants are as well! I broke 5th metatarsal Dec. 24 while walking with Kevin in Seattle.  Been in a black boot 11 weeks.  Now being referred to Ortho as it seems to not be healing.  Do you know much about that?  Seems like such a long time since I have driven as I have an old 1992 Saab–stick.  Kevin is my “James.” We will be in Hawaii for a few weeks on Molokai as Kevin’s cousin has a condo there–I have been once and Kevin twice.  Have you been? Must away…pie in the oven. Janell and Kevin (at work)   |

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  2. M&m says:

    Sure looks like fun. You need to come to ky we are enjoying 65 degree days . When are you. Coming to see us?

  3. Merlene says:

    Such beautiful pictures such fun your having !
    We can see the USA as you travel the country !
    Thanks for sharing your photos and keeping up your blog!
    Love you guys so much!
    Be safe !!

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