Red Bay, Alabama

Friday 20th March, 2015

Arrived in Red Bay and got into the service center after only a 1 day wait which is a miracle at this facility.  There are 50 bays and all busy working on Tiffin motorhomes. I should rephrase that as slowly working. Most of the guys seem to chew tobacco and they have to keep stopping work to spit in their coke bottles. You can imagine what the their dental care is like.


Our awning has been cranky lately so getting that fixed


A seat by the wall.  As you can see spelling is not a big requirement.


Guess the awning fix was not too successful.  It actually fell and gave Dean a bang on the noggin.  Back to the drawing board.


We needed a new windshield after our trip to Alaska.

IMG_2444       IMG_2446

Quite a few rainy days and waiting for a painting bay so Dean did some inside fixes.


Oil change for the beast. Still waiting to get the patch above the door painted


We stopped at the local (Whole Foods), Red Bay style. Yummy!


We took a tour of the factory.  So much of the cabinetry is hand tooled.


This chassis is what our motorhome is built on.


Miles and miles of wiring has to be assembled.


These slide outs are ready to be installed.

IMG_2470         IMG_2469

The painting takes a lot of labor.  All the swirls have to be painted separately.

IMG_2476      IMG_2480

This one is getting a final once over.


This motorhome bit the dust. We have fire extinguishers all over the place and keep our fingers crossed.

IMG_2490_2 IMG_2484


Finally done.  Except for some road grime the beast is all pretty again.



Heading out tomorrow towards Savannah, Georgia.



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3 Responses to Red Bay, Alabama

  1. Maxine davis says:

    Love your blog Rose. Lots of smiles and chuckles on this one. Just visited some good friends who arrived home from the winter in Arizona. Stayed a few days at Organ Pipespark, couldn’t figure out why all the pickups had their hoods up. Well they joined the crowd when they discovered pack rats had invaded the area and we’re getting in the engine site and eating thru everything. Joys of RVing

  2. Great job!! Savannah is so beautiful and so much to do and explore.. We liked all the different squares in downtown Savannah. Very excited to get your next report. Drive safe . We are going home in a 2 weeks time. PEI has still 10 ft of snow and more to come!

  3. says:

    Jon and I wanted to wish Mr Dean a very happy birthday. We hope your trip east is going great despite the crazy weather. Please keep in touch, miss you, Calleen

    Sent from my iPad


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