North Carolina

Saturday  25th April 2015

Wild wisteria is blooming all over North Carolina. It is considered an invasive vine but it sure is pretty.

IMG_2719           IMG_2716

Now these are my kind of dogs. No barking and no sharp teeth to chew on Rose.

IMG_2705         IMG_1549

We went on a little hike at Congaree National Park. As predicted, there were only a few of the little blighters about. No other pictures as the park was just a bunch of average looking trees.


The owners of this camper took ‘putting down roots’ literally.


We moved to the Outer Banks and enjoyed the lighthouses.

IMG_2764              IMG_2749

Can you see Dean on the spiral staircase?  He would not hang off the railing for a really good picture. Scaredy cat!  The views were pretty nice at the top.

IMG_2738   IMG_2736

We really liked our visit to the Wright Brothers National Memorial.


I thought Orville would like a little help steering.


I think Dean wins the prize.

IMG_2757 IMG_2778

This guy was quite friendly.


What can I say!


Orville and Wilbur, thanks for a great visit.

IMG_2753        IMG_2754

This butterfly cooperated nicely for a picture on the azalea bush.


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4 Responses to North Carolina

  1. Max says:

    What a beautiful country, this land of ours. Appreciate the pictures. thanks for sharing.
    Oregon is blooming too.

  2. Lynn says:

    This is Dr. Grotefendt and I work with your sister, Merlene. My wife and I would love to talk with you regarding full time RV travel. We hope to work doing locum tenum and missionary work in about 5 to 10 years. We are purchasing a 38 foot toy hauler and truck but I had some questions that you may be able answer.

    Kent and Lynn Grotefendt 423-987-4894

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hey guys, it is always so nice to get your report where you are…great pics! So now you are approaching PEI !! Still too much snow and ice here…miserable weather.
    I will e-mail you some pics in a seperate e-mail.
    Enjoy your trip – you both look happy!!!
    Barbara and Wolfgang

  4. Calleen and Jon says:

    You both are having quite the adventure. Don’t forget to go through the USS North Carolina in Willmington. Love your pictures so keep on traveling. 😊🌸

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