New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Monday 25th May 2015

This has nothing to do with anything but I think Dean looks pretty good gnawing on a trout skeleton. Ok the fish was a farmed and from the store. One of these days I will get to enjoy a WILD caught trout.


We stopped for a wonderful weekend at our old friends. Gigi and Wayne.  Thank you for all the awesome food and a nice long driveway for our house.


Gigi and I both delivered beautiful Turkish babies within 3 weeks of each other. Lovely Daniel on the left and my cute Jay.


We had a pretty good 2 years in Turkey. Everyone on the base had a full-time maid and gardener. That left plenty of time for SHOPPING!  Gigi was a world class shopper and I just loved following her around town as she searched for the best bargains on Turkish wool for knitting.  Also fabric shops, copper shops and the produce market.

Image1-39 copy 3 Image1-38 copy 7


Gigi still has a passion for crafts and this work room was chock a block with high tech sewing, cutting and quilting machines.



I am glad we were not camped in this loop of our campground.  Dean said he would not do epidurals.


We visited Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I am always happy when looking at flowers.






They even had some topiary trees.

IMG_3136       IMG_3166


One of the best parts were the toilets. They were individual rooms nestled into fern walls.


This little Amish town was packed with tourists.


It was a lovely sunny day and all the Amish homes had the washing blowing on the lines.  I managed to squeeze into this desk in a typical Amish schoolroom.

IMG_3143   IMG_3169

Of course we had to visit Philadelphia and check out the Liberty Bell.

IMG_3152    IMG_3179

We pounded out over 9 miles of Philly pavement.  George Washington sat in the wooden chair on an elevated platform in Independence Hall during the Constitutional Convention in 1787.  Apparantly He was there mostly to maintain order. Wish he could be here for the upcoming election fiasco.


There was a large demonstration against genetically modified food in the area. I’m not sure what I think about it although I believe all products should be clearly labeled.



A sandwich from Reading Terminal market was delicious.






New York here we come.


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4 Responses to New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  1. Donna & Tom says:

    so fun to see your travels, enjoy New York

  2. melvin kirkwood says:

    looks like a great time. are you going to make chicago in aug.? sounds like a good time

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