Maine #2

Tuesday 28th, July 2015

We stayed a week in this campground.  It’s in Lubec Maine,  the most eastern town in the USA.  We had a beautiful view of Lubec Bay. It was very restful which was necessary because…..

IMG_3626 IMG_3629

Somewhere along our journey Rose got attacked by a tick.  We never found ‘The Tick’, but I sure got sick a few weeks ago. Fever, chills, rash etc.  A trip to the emergency room in Bar Harbor was inconclusive, maybe a virus they said. (The bill sure won’t be inconclusive) A later trip to a local doctors office also netted no diagnosis other than a mystery virus. We travelled on, but the rash and symptoms got worse.   I finally decided to consult with online doctor practice. After explaining all the symptoms, Dean showed the doc my creepy, blotchy all over body rash, with the iPad. He immediately said I had Lyme disease. He sent a prescription off to the closest pharmacy, which was 28 miles away. Within a few days I was feeling so much better. I’ve been called a Limey before, but this is ridiculous.


To top off the bad luck streak and keep me company in the misery department, Dean tripped over a root while hiking and turned his ankle.  It has been taking a long time to heal, so we have been a pair of old codgers laying about reading and watching movies.

The campground had a good-sized pond with a mini lighthouse. Lot’s of frogs and ducks to watch.

IMG_3617 IMG_3656

The weather was lovely with pretty sunsets every night. That tiny lighthouse is in Canada just across the bay.

IMG_3661     IMG_3664

This lighthouse is at the most Eastern point in the USA. Still lots of iris blooming.

IMG_3621       IMG_3623

Another nosh up on the lobster.


The other side of the bridge is Campobello Island, Canada.


We drove over for a day to explore the island, and visit Roosevelt Campbell International Park, which is jointly managed by Canada and America.

I thought I would give the old Brit passport a little workout for a change. No problem at the Canadian checkpoint of course.  I thought I might get it stamped, but I don’t think anyone stamps the passports anymore. They just run it through the scanner.


This “cottage” was the summer house for President Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. I love the way the very rich talk about their properties. It was very nice anyway.

IMG_3645    IMG_3633

The USA is on the other side of the bay.

IMG_3637  IMG_3641

Yet another lighthouse.


The US border guard was not impressed by my UK passport and demanded to see my alien registration card. After explaining I was also a US citizen, he checked his scanner thingy to confirm. After the scolding, he said to always bring the US passport to get back into the States. I felt like a right twit.

Untitled 2

We moved on to Bangor which is a bit inland.  This  giant statue of Paul Bunyon, the fabled lumberjack, is one of Bangor’s highlights. Enough said.

Version 2

Onwards into the hinterlands of western Maine.  We are staying at a  campground in Podunk for a week as it’s nice and cheap for a change. Also, close to some areas with supposedly good hiking.  Time to see if we both have our strength back. We might have to delay that hiking thing though as we are having a heatwave with high humidity. It feels like we are back in the deep south. On to New Hampshire and the White Mountains next week.

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6 Responses to Maine #2

  1. Tom Laidlaw says:

    Hi Rose & Dean We so love seeing and hearing all about your wanderings. Can’t believe you picked up Lyme disease, Rose. They are just starting to warn us here in Ontario that there have been a few cases and to watch out for ticks. We do see some ticks here on our island, but they are not deer ticks like your picture. So is it all cured? And are you now immune to another bite from a Lyme infected tick? Jan and I have been here at our cabin at Minaki, Ontario since about mid-June. We arrived a little later than usual in order to help our daughter Amy and her Steve with the birth of their third child and first daughter, Sienna. So we now have an absolutely gorgeous grand-daughter to buy stuff for. Weather has been beautiful here. Water is warm and crystal clear this year for our swims. We take our canoe out for a paddle nearly every evening , and then get back in time to watch the sunset from our gazebo on the edge of the water. Days have been pretty busy, as we are still doing the final touches on our cabin addition. This fall, we are heading to Tower Point RV near Phoenix. We will be there ’till Xmas, and then we will probably head south to Mexico again. Your damn dollar is so high with respect to the Canadian dollar that we can’t afford to stay in the US too long! Anyway, glad to hear both your ailments are improving, and happy continued travels. Tom & Jan Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 19:41:35 +0000 To:

    • Hi Tom and Jan, Congratulations on the arrival of your baby grand daughter. It sure was nice for you to be able to help out your daughter. I bet she did not want you guys to leave. I don’t think I would be immune from Lyme. The 3 week course of antibiotics just cures the present case. There is much confusion over the whole thing. Your island paradise sounds wonderful. Are you going to the same place again in Mexico?

  2. melvin kirkwood says:

    It sounds like you two have really been tested the last few weeks.You need to get back to good ole ky. to recover. Now is a good time to challenge Dean to a game of ping pong. Hope you both recover soon. See ya soon

  3. Jon and Calleen says:

    thanks for the update…lobster..mmmm

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