North Florida

Friday 30th October 2015

Our stay by St. Augustine is almost up. Then we are moving down the coast a bit to Titusville for a month.

Just a heads up to friends who might be moving about the country over the next several months. We never know when we might be able to latch up with you. We will be in Miami till the middle of January, then heading to Yuma, Arizona for February and Phoenix for March. We then hope to give Utah a good looking over during  April and May. We are staying in Zion National Park for the first 2 weeks of April and hopefully Dax and Jay will be spending a few days with us.

If all goes well we shall then head to Oregon and visit old friends and our lovely Dax again. I have booked our old camping spot in Hood River for the month of July.  I can almost taste those cherries and Dean is looking forward to swilling down his favorite beer from Double Mountain Brewery. The great National Parks of Washington State will be our stomping grounds for the rest of the summer.

St. Augustine is a cute little city. It has a very long history and many  nice buildings.


I do love the fancy drainpipes.


There a few narrow streets that kind of remind me of England. The buildings are not quite as tippy though.


The Castillo de San Marcos fort was really interesting to walk about. Built in 1695 it has held up pretty well.


The Spaniards and English fought quite a bit over ownership of Florida.  Now it’s mostly owned by snowbirds from the Northeastern states.

IMG_4381                                    IMG_4316

IMG_4272  IMG_4319

I did not know they had a Best Western in 1556. It looked pretty modern.




We had a couple of visits with Madhu and Jagu Patel. Madhu was Deans first boss out of Anesthesia school in 1980. They moved from Kentucky to Florida for retirement. We had a good time catching up on the last 36 years. Madhu made us some lovely Indian dishes. Thanks so much to you both for all the delicious food.

Version 2  IMG_4218

A nice ride on the beach.  The sand was lovely and hard packed and also very pretty.

IMG_4364 IMG_4370

There was a motorbike rally in Daytona so we just had to travel down for the day.  I have never seen so many fancy bikes. As you might imagine the noise level was deafening. Plenty of old geezers riding on those bikes.  I guess they are the only ones who can afford a  motorbike that costs more than a car.

IMG_4335   IMG_4342

Dean especially liked the model in the lower right pic.  I am talking about the bike of course.

IMG_4352   IMG_4356

Every food stand was packed to the brim with something fried on a stick. I gained couple of pounds just smelling the stuff.


On to Titusville and which is close Cape Canaveral.  Space agency, please shoot a rocket off while we are in the area. We would basically have ringside seats.


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4 Responses to North Florida

  1. melvin &martina kirkwood says:

    I knew we should have found you guys. The daytona bikers would have been the treat for us old geizers!

  2. pat clark says:

    Great update, People… So happy for you for your life style….How could you want for more???? So enjoy your news letters… Many returning here now, Many new, and of course the older ones…. Keep on keeping on, and thanks with hugs , and love to a most delighful couple…. Pat Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2015 19:40:50 +0000 To:

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