South Florida

Monday 28th December, 2015

First of all, Dean and I want to wish all our family and friends a wonderful Holiday Season. May the coming year be a happy one for you.

It was just the two of us this Christmas.  I had to make do with the good memories from last year when we had our lads with us.  Thank goodness we still enjoy each others company.

Apparently this has been the rainiest December in local history here in Miami. We had 8 ½ inches over two days. I thought we might have to put a rudder on the camper.  It has rained almost every day or threatened to.  We still managed to get plenty of sightseeing in-between the showers.


IMG_4473    IMG_4474

South beach is a great place to people watch.  This guy just rode his elevated bike back and forth all day on the promenade.

IMG_4626 IMG_4627

I lost count of the sunbathing iguanas we passed on a canal bike ride.


This buzzard and iguana were eying each other pretty closely.


Of course we saw lots of alligators on our hikes/bikes around the Everglades National Park.

This mum was keeping a close eye on her babies.


They looked so cute running about on the rock and leaping into the water.


This old geezer didn’t even open his eyes for me.


The campground has many avocado trees.



The fruit was falling from the trees and just waiting for us to scoop it up.


The Florida avocados are huge. Not quite as tasty as the usual Haas avocado we buy but pretty darn good and the price was right.  You know how I love to harvest free stuff. The yellow goodness has been going into omelets, salads and guacamole. I froze quite a bit too.


Now that’s a carrot, over a pound a piece.  They might be huge but are surprisingly tasty. A lot of produce is grown around Miami.


Mind you, THAT’S A CABBAGE!!!  This is a 1986 picture of Dean manhandling the local produce in Turkey.

Image1-36 copy 10

Dean has been having his southern fix with lots of okra.  I can even eat a bit if it’s baked to take the slime out.


We had fun posing with the Banyan trees. There are many of these huge trees in southern Florida.  I think I looked the best, but Dean had a pretty good scary facial expression.

IMG_2357 IMG_4734

There were plenty of these rascals everywhere.  Raccoons are pretty smart at lifting off the trash can lids.


Another score on free food. I carried this baby home on my bike.

IMG_4769 (1)

No juice because someone belted the living daylights out of the nut with an axe, but the coconut was pretty delicious.

IMG_4776 (1)           IMG_4777

We are back on the road and heading west.  Well, we have to go north first to North Florida and then it’s Westward for a couple of thousand miles. Chat again next year. 2016 here we come.

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12 Responses to South Florida

  1. Debbi Hanchett says:

    Looks like a great stay in the sunshine state. A little envious as it is single digits here all week. :).
    Safe travels to you both as you head out west. Wishing you a healthy and prosperous New Year!!
    Bill and Deb

  2. janell wheelock says:

    Happy Hols to Dean and Rose from Kevin and Janell. We are following in your footsteps minus the motorhome! Arrived In Molokai on Thursday, Christmas Eve after buttoning up the house in Bremerton. Temps in low 80’s and gorgeous trade winds and sun and sunsets and rainbows. We are here until January 5 then onto Australia for 6 months. If you find yourself along our path, stop in for a cuppa. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth by Indian Pacific Railway, camper van exploring on West coast for 3 weeks then back to East coast to our rental unit in Port Macquarie for 2 months. Cousins live nearby. I will forward the site of the unit. US dollar finally in our favor! Will still have a month left so not sure where or what we will do then. Kakadu National Park? PNG? Hmmm…thinking of you with fond memories of when you “rescued” us in Florida when our camper needed a new vent cover. Just like you enjoying fresh and local foods (avocado, coconut, etc.) we are eating the heck out of papaya, lime, mango….and, Mai Tai! Happy trails to our role models!

  3. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Looks like you had as much rain as us. Hope you have a safe trip out west. See ya soon!

  4. Hello you happy campers! It looks like you are in fruit and veggies paradise …to heck with the rain! It is always exciting to read your comments and look at the pretty pictures !
    We hope you received our SOS e-mail earlier this week.?
    Safe travels and see you soon – Happy New Year…this year no new years eve dance with Rose and Dean…..sooo sad!!
    Big hug

    Barb and Wolf

  5. Maxine davis says:

    Love to read your travel log. Boat sold, so now RVing, spending the winter in Ajo, Az. Crispy mornings (31-33) but sunny days, so no complaints. Happy New Year!

  6. ronnie says:

    Love your post Rose! You put us right there with you! Pictures are great! Thought Dean was axing a turtle! that Is what it looked like before I scrolled on down. I was ready to get him! lol
    Glad you didn’t get all washed away in the rain!
    I start back to work tomorrow…some apprehension, but I think I will be fine once I get there.
    Still doing PT 2XWK. that has helped tremendously!! not to mention the walks we have been taking. Gatlinburg last weekend – beautiful weekend, then we walked the bridge this weekend. Didn’t go as far – freezing outside! I have turned into a wimp! Just give me time. I will try to get to Robins workout 2xwk also! I hate feeling less than great!
    Ronnie continues to treat me like a queen! does more than I really need him too, but he gets upset if I don’t let him!.
    Well, my dears~ love spending a little time with you. Waiting to hear the next story!
    Love and hugs and kisses Ronnie and Merlene

  7. Dearest Merlene, Please, please take it easy starting back to work. No more trying to complete work meant for 2 people. It sounds like you have been doing a good job with PT. Ron keep on with the Queenly treatment, her highness needs to be pampered. Love you both lots.

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