Yuma, Arizona

Sunday 28th February, 2016

We have had a productive month in Yuma.  We washed, waxed and detailed the camper and the car just in time for a massive dust storm. The desert sand/dust stuck like an overcoat. After plenty of cursing we redid both rigs and it has been nice the rest of the month, thank goodness.

I was having quite a bit of tooth pain and sensitivity so a trip to Algodones was in order.  This town is just across the Mexican border from Yuma and is a magnet for the gazillions of American and Canadian snowbirds who winter in Yuma.

Every other business is either a dentist, pharmacy or optician.

We joined the queue walking across the border.


All business is done with American cash dollars. The poor Canadians are having a hard time this year with their low dollar ratio but they still manage to spend plenty.


The dentist offices are pretty basic. Definitely no bling. After quite a bit of research, I picked this one and was very happy. I had a root canal, post, 2 crowns and a bridge  for $900. My dentist spoke great English. After X-rays and exam I was sent across the road to the root canal office.  These dentists just specialize in root canals. The room was just big enough to hold the chair but in short order I was drilled and derooted. Then back to the main office for the rest of the prep.  I had to wait one week for the swelling to reduce and then back for the bridge etc to be inserted.

No more pain and Rose is a happy camper.


Dean enjoyed scoffing down shrimp tacos while I was being drilled. Many people go to Algodones just for a meal and margaritas of course.


We bought lots of Asparagus. It is in season and about 50 cents a pound


The queue was huge going back across the border. The Americans especially were loaded up with the drugs which are amazingly cheaper south of the border.


We were surprised to learn the Yuma produces 90% of the nations leafy greens from November through March. I guess the 350 days of sunshine and huge water supply from the Colorado river helps.I stopped to take a picture of these hard working Mexican  day laborers. They are bussed across the border every day to work in the fields.


They started waving and yelling.


Turns out they wanted to give me these three cauliflowers that had just been picked. Talk about fresh produce. Cauli and cheese for dinner.


I made up some batches of soap.  Also some peppermint lip balm.  Got you covered lads when we see you in April.

IMG_5024  IMG_5025

Dean did some major maintenance on our bicycles.


We took a trip to the Army Proving grounds where a good portion of military weaponry is still tested. Dean is standing by a Sherman tank. Remember those from the WWII movies? This one still has original shrapnel damage.


This behemoth is an overland train. It could haul equipment in cars up to 565 feet long across the desert for 350 plus miles. All I could think about was how much it would cost to replace those tires.

IMG_5014    IMG_5005

A nice sunset at the RV park.


We are looking forward to meeting up with our pickle balling friends by Phoenix next week.

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10 Responses to Yuma, Arizona

  1. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Just deleted all what I just posted so here we go again. Love the dental prices. I would have been very agrivated with the dust.storm also. I’ll bet they do look good now. Hope it didn’t damage the paint.

  2. Tina says:

    Love this!! Glad your teeth feel better!!
    Tina ❤️❤️

  3. Leroy says:

    Great seeing you, catch up with you in Hood River.

  4. Madhu says:

    Yuma and trip to dentist in Algonodes well describe. Hope not to have that dust storm in Phoenix.

  5. Georgia says:

    you noticed hard working mexicans & they wanted to give YOU something, generous & kind

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