Zion National Park and my Boys

Monday 18th April 2016

Jay flew into Phoenix so we managed to squeeze in a couple of hours pickle balling at our campground. Jay is fast and flexible but Dean has some pretty good old geezer skills too.


We camped one night in the desert. I even heard some coyotes in the night.


Jay impressed us with his acrobats.

IMG_5431   IMG_5445

We entered Zion through the tunnel after coughing up $15. There were many campers going through each way and they have to close it to 2 way traffic when campers go through as the sides of the tunnel are so low and they have to drive down the middle.


We had a lovely hike.  Where is my other lad you might ask.  He is coming in a couple of days. Dean got a reprieve as Jay carried the backpack with lunch. I should have put a few rocks in the bottom as he was leaping up the trail like a gazelle.

Lots of Indian Paintbrush popping up.

IMG_5486  IMG_5641

Jay and Dean did a little “Bouldering”

IMG_5534  IMG_5610

Dax finally arrived. I am so happy.  Now we are a complete set.

IMG_5839 IMG_5791

The boys had a couple of good canyoneering days. They had so much equipment we had to put up our screen shelter to hold it all.

IMG_4645  IMG_4516

They rappelled down very deep canyons, waded through freezing water, climbed out of the canyons and rappelled back down many times over. Our  job was to shuttle and supply the grub.

Untitled    IMG_4632

They said they had fun but it looks like hard work to me.

IMG_4612   IMG_4562

The park had no hook ups for water so the lads hauled many, many containers and pumped it in the rig so we could all have a 2 minute shower each day.

IMG_5769 IMG_5771

Firewood was $7 for a small bundle at the store but we managed to scavenge left over wood from vacated campsites for several great fires.


We had a couple of rainy days. This rainbow cheered me up.


A game of Monopoly and plenty to drink helped pass the time.


I thought their eyeballs were going to pop out while arm wrestling.  Dax and Jay have played rock, paper scissors since they were little kids to decide just about everything.

Untitled  Untitled

Back to some nice sun and hiking.

IMG_4506  IMG_4523

The desert flowers were in every nook and cranny.

IMG_6028  IMG_5965

Oh dear! We had to finally send the lads back home. We had a wonderful time. Plenty of hugs and laughs. They managed to empty the fridge and freezer. Thank you boys for spending time with your old fogy mom and dad.


Onwards to Moab.

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16 Responses to Zion National Park and my Boys

  1. I love following you, Dean, and (this time) your boys! What fun you must have had. We miss you a lot! Tom & Delores

  2. Maxine davis says:

    Love, love it all. What special young men you raised, and what a very special mum and dad they have!!!

  3. pat clark says:

    What beautiful pictures, and the fun stories that went with them..The rainbow one, so pretty… You do such an excellent job, putting it all together…. I SO enjoy all, Rose…. Thank you my friends…The “boys” and both you and Dean, such memories….

    This place getting very empty looking…… By the end of the month, all visitors will have headed to there homes…Weather still very nice, mostly 80, high 70’s at times….

    Be careful, keep having the great times, and thanks for all…..

    Love Pat


  4. Janell Wheelock says:

    Hi Fran…..more news from a co-worker of Kevin’s, Rose and Dean.  Dean retired a few years ago and this camper is their home!  See you here in the AM tomorrow for Shelley Beach.  XXX Janell

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  5. Gina Gluth says:

    Hi Rose and Dean, as always your travel stories and pictures are very, very enjoyable. Everyone looking gorgeous as usual. I bet you squeezed them boys all the time. Rose, do you still play with there ears, mine have had a rest from you for a few years now. Hope it’s not too long before you see those boys again all I can say is thank goodness for FaceTime. I go out again to see Alex at the beginning of June so I’ll be squeezing Alex and Abi. Keep your Blogs coming. All our love xxxGina & Eric xxxxx

    • Thanks Gina. We have to try a FaceTime again with you guys. Our internet is so sporadic as we are moving about. One campground might be top notch and the next just awful. Dean is constantly working our devices around the camper to get the best signal. Will be seeing the lads again this summer. At least not over a year like last time.

  6. Calleen and Jon says:

    What great pictures and time with the boys. They look great! So do you and Dean. Can’t wait to see the pictures of Moab. When again will you be in GP? June? We miss you guys. Expecting another grand baby in 2 weeks, that will be #16. Elijah flew home from Thailand and spent a few days with us, we hadn’t seen him in over a year. Well my friends, keep on traveling and heading west. See you soon, Calleen and Jon.

    • We sure are looking forward to seeing you guys also. Looks like the first week or so of June for GP. Trying to get a couple doc apps set up in Silverton. Will know more soon. Crikey 16 grandkids! You both look way too young.

  7. Merlene says:

    Wowee!! Rosie! Best blog ever!! Loved all the photos of you guys and the boys!
    Beautiful desert ! Boys are all grown up and handsome as ever! Would love to see them! Would love to see you the both of you!
    We are doing ok..Ronnie has had more work than ever! Me too😝 Working towards
    Retirement end of the year!
    Love the blogs ! Keep them coming ! Love you !!

    • We sure did have great time with the lads. Hopefully one of these days we will all be able to meet up. Please do not work yourself to the bone again. From your Facebook posts it looks like you have been having a wonderful time doing plenty of hiking. Good for the body and good for the brain.

  8. Madhu & Jagu says:

    Rose & Dean and two great athletic kids. All outdoor lovers. Photography makes us feel like we are with you. Keep on posting so we know what new travel plans you are planing. Love you both.

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