Thursday 30th June, 2016

We stayed a while in our old hometown of Grants Pass. Time passes fast. It doesn’t seem like 12 years have passed since we lived in a stationary house.

I did love the view from our front windows. My mum is in this photo with me.  Every year we bought a $5 permit to cut our own Christmas tree in the National Forest. The lads always wanted a tall one. This 12 foot Noble Fir was a typical find.

Image1-186 copy 6    Image1-78 copy 2

The hot tub on the back deck got a workout every day.

Image1-93 copy 2

I seem to have lost any pictures of the house. The lads called it the Big Pink House.  It was actually not pink but everyone would know which house to come to.  This picture of Jay and his snowman shows just a little of the color.

Image1-29 copy 2

We put Dax to work trimming some of the Oak and Madrone trees in the garden. He got to swing from ropes, wield sharp blades and we got free labor. We were all happy.

Image1-121 copy 2

It was smashing to catch up with many of our good friends from way back. Thanks Calleen and Jon for giving us your great driveway to camp in for several days.


We sure enjoyed our hikes with Jan and Ron. Hiking uphill is always easier when you have friends to chat with.


It was really interesting having the tour of Dutch Brothers coffee roasting facility. Thanks for setting that up Nancy and Sherm.


Norma and Wayne our next door neighbors were always good sports about returning balls back over the fence to Dax and Jay.


Sorry Carol, Lynn, Linda and Lonnie.  I forgot to take any pics of our get togethers. We had a lovely time visiting with you though.

We had some good hikes by the river and in the forest.

IMG_6617            IMG_6682

The Columbines and Bear Grass were in prime bloom.

IMG_6690            IMG_6703

Within a couple of days we saw these license plates. I wanted to steal them and put them on our boys cars.


On to Silverton for some visiting with more good friends.  We only lived in Silverton a few months but made friends forever.  Thank you Sandy and Charles for having a lovely dinner party for us.

IMG_6662 IMG_6667

It was great to see you Georgia and Gus.


We saw several fields of poppies.


Thanks so much for the pizza Paige and Rod.


Also thank you for taking such good care of our carpet.  We bought This carpet in 1987 when we lived in Turkey. It travelled to England with us.

Image1-91 copy 5

And then on to Grants Pass. When we sold up lock stock and barrel to move into the motorhome it was the one thing I could not let go.  At 9ft x 12 ft it was too big to fit in our moving house. It would be a moths feast left in storage. What to do?

Image1-162 copy 2

It has been in Paige and Rods bedroom for the last 12 years being enjoyed. One of these days we will pick it up, but in the meantime I get to visit my carpet every time we stop by. The perfect solution!


On to Hood River.  Dean is already smacking his lips to get some Double Mountain Hop Lava beer. I hear some new cideries have opened so Rose will be happy.


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12 Responses to Oregon

  1. Madhu says:

    With all that traveling finally you both reached the place you called home and enjoyed the friendship you made during your stay. X-mus tree, big windows and carpet lovely. Poppy fields-is it for morphine? Good luck for coming days.

  2. Carol says:

    We enjoyed seeing you guys, even if it was a short visit. Seeing pictures of the pink house brings back memories…

  3. melvin kirkwood says:

    Home sweet home! Good times good friends! That is what life is all about! Miss you guys hope to see you soon.

  4. Rod says:

    Welcome back to Oregon. Great catching up on old times.

  5. pat clark says:

    I nearly lost this post, as the computer was down over 2 weeks, + It was embedded in all the old e’s not opened… While, just now, deleting so many, There it was… They are all so fun, and such great pictures, also the one into Oregon….What fun, and so many memories revisited…What a life ..That would be on my bucket list for sure. You are such a great couple, and a sincere comment..Stay happy, and will look forward for the Next..Has been quite a hot summer…. Still waiting for a new manager to be hired..They left quite a mess I have heard, or should say “she”… Still enjoy the bench.Dean…proud the way it turned out…Thanks to a special friend….Rose take care, and thanks for the great job you do on all.



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