Sunday 28th August 2016

It’s been a fun August. We had a rocky start as it seemed like all the campgrounds were full on our route around the Olympic Peninsular.  The spontaneity of  being able to wing it and  just snagging a campsite at the end of the day is a thing of the past in the summer months.

A great day in Olympic National Park set our heads to rights.  I love hiking above the clouds.


There was still plenty of snow on the peaks.


Even a few patches on our trail


A pretty butterfly was extremely cooperative posing for its picture.


This barn is definitely a fixer upper.


A stop in Port Townsend was a must. An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed there in 1982.


Most of the film was made at Fort Worden State Park. Dean even remembers how to salute from his military days.


The grounds were green and lush for the movie but even the parade grounds are not watered these days.


We had to take a little nap on the beach where the actors did all their running. I was feeling nostalgic after our day out,  so thanks Dean for watching this chick flick with me that evening.


A lovely stop to see our old friends Janell and Kevin.


It’s been several years since we visited Pike Place market. It was just as we remembered. Waayyyy too many people. Basically a giant tourist trap. The only bargains we saw were the flowers. Beautiful big bunches for $10.


On to to Seattle and our lovely boy, Jay. We helped him move into his new house. Actually half of a duplex. (A very old duplex circa 1940’s)  He is sharing a fairly small space with a nice lady he met on Craigs List. They both have dogs and needed a back yard. Apparantly Seattle is quite terrible to find reasonable housing since Amazon moved their headquarters there. Many people are having to multi share to afford the rent.

Anyway we got him kinda settled in and drove the 1 ½ hour  trip back to our campsite. That evening he calls to tell us his house mates dog had jumped the dividing fence to their neighbors yard (other half of duplex and owners of both sides) They had 6 egg laying chickens in their yard which Dean and I had previously admired over the fence. The dog had killed 2 chickens and scared another to fly the coop. Jay and his room mate had spent a couple of hours hunting that chicken through all the surrounding neighbors gardens.  It was finally caught and safely returned.

The landlords were very nice and forgave the whole incident. Hopefully all stays calm from now on.


Dean had a good time playing with Jays dog Maya. That dog can jump like an Olympian. Jay, please train her to leap for a frisbee. We want to see some good tricks next time we see you both.


We moved down closer to Mt Rainier. A nice basic Fairgrounds site gave us striking distance to the park. This National Park is not friendly to large motorhomes. Windy, narrow roads and the campsites are quite small.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Oh yeah we had a great time car camping in the park.


The Pasque flower had finished blooming but the fuzzy pod is just as lovely, especially with a Magenta Paintbrush right beside it.


We were about 3 weeks too late on the prime flower bloom but it was still smashing. This whole stream bank was covered with pink Monkey flowers.


We have recently downsized and given our lads our car roof pod and tenting equipment. Now it’s down to basic car camping. Part of our shower kit was used to extend the car sleeping area.


With the seats pushed forward we had a very comfy sleeping space.


We snagged some free firewood and Dean was a happy camper  drinking some wine and reading a good book on his Kindle.


I HAVE to have my shower and we have a nice little set up. As long as we have cooperative trees we (Dean) can set up a great shower. (Most National Parks don’t have showers)


We set our 5 gallon shower bag on a table in the sun and it had warmed up nicely during the day. Dean very smartly lashed his hiking stick to the trees to hold the shower bag.  After a long sweaty hiking day this is wonderful luxury.


We could not figure out how the campers managed to get into this tent which was lashed high between two trees.


I thought this little camper was really cute.


Our last hike of the trip was gorgeous.  One whole side of the mountain was covered with purply/blue lupines.

IMG_7589 IMG_7614

Time for a cooling rest against this snow bank.


The huckleberries were so delicious we had to keep stopping on the trail for a handful.


Mt Rainier is one of our favorite National parks. So many awesome trails.


We made a quick stop at Mt St Helens National park. This is the one that blew it’s top off in 1980. There is a little greenery in places but still mostly barren.


There was a fairly long stretch of trail that was very narrow and a had a massive drop off. Thank goodness there were not many hikers on it.


Starting to slowly make our way south to Portland, Oregon.

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16 Responses to Washington

  1. Gus says:

    Another awesome D & R adventure !
    Vicariously yours,

  2. melvin kirkwood says:

    Thanks for the update. Beautiful country,thanks for the great pictures we feel a part even though not there. Hope to see ya soon.

  3. Calleen and Jon says:

    What a beautiful and fun trip. I love traveling along with you with all the pictures. When will you be around Portland and for how long? Be safe in all your adventures.

  4. pat clark says:

    How fun, How interesting, and what great pictures. Rose you do such a great job….Thanks.. So envy your life. To be young again….


  5. It is always so much fun to be updated on all your travels and adventures and the awesome pictures. We never traveled that area but now we are inspired to go there. Don’t forget Rose: you have a Gold Medal in pickle ball to defend in Gold Canyon….we are really anxious to meet you there again this fall/winter. Travel safe and keep us posted!

  6. Madhu says:

    Another good travel journal. We feel as if we are traveling with you both. 

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  7. Merlene says:

    Love love love your updates!! This is one of my favorites! What astounding beauty you see and capture for us to enjoy!!
    Be careful! Dean stay away from those high places! Whew that hurts to see it!! Thought you were scared of heights!!
    Rosie you do such a fantastic job with letter and photos !!
    Love you both. Sis

    • We are having a blast Merlene. It looks like you guys are getting in some great hikes. Love your hike pics and comments on Facebook also.
      We both made an effort NOT to look down over that very steep drop off. Keep on enjoying life.

  8. Janell Wheelock says:

    Hi Rose and Dean, We are in Canada soon to be in Missoula, Montana.  We were invited up to Fernie, BC to stay with Ian MacKenzie and his wife for a few days.  Great little old town!  Have you been to Fernie? Then, this morning we headed to the Lussier Hot Springs in Canada.  Great hot pools alongside a river.  So great!  Have you been there? Tomorrow to Missoula for Kevin to fly fish and me to hopefully find a dress for my reunion.  Thinking about a shorter dress with a jeans jacket?I hate to shop! Home on Wednesday.   Safe travels,Janell and Kevin

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