California Coast

Sunday 30th October 2016

We have slowly been making our way down the coast towards San Diego.  I think California is coming out of the drought as it has rained quite a bit lately. A trip to Korbel Champagne Winery was a welcome stop. I wanted to buy a bottle like the one below but Dean said the 120 liter size would be tough to fit in the fridge. Had to make do with a couple of the regulars.

img_8538      img_8548 img_8549

I think Dean was a nice addition to the art work along the road.

img_8533      img_8537

Finally a sunny day!  We put our bikes on the train and were in downtown San Francisco in less than an hour. We spent the whole day biking over 20 miles around many of the landmarks.  I always enjoy checking out the Golden Gate Bridge even if it is a weird orange color. The official color is called “International Orange”

img_8608 img_8634

Of course we had to have San Franciscan sourdough bread for lunch. I had chili and Dean the clam chowder. After that ginormous lunch  we pushed our bikes up, up, up, hill after hill. Everyone else seemed to take the tram. I bet they were laughing their heads off at the 2 nutters hoofing it up the hills.

img_8576 img_8623

We finally made it to the top of Lombard street which is a pretty famous city landmark. Riding our bikes down the curvy street drew some surprised looking faces. It sure was a lot faster coming down the hills.

img_8618    lombard-st


San Luis Obispo is a pretty little college town. This Mission was built in 1772.  I really like the simple layout and the wooden ceilings.

img_8665 img_8655

Onto Deans favorite pass time. Checking out the new breweries.

img_8667 img_8668

It felt good to be back in flower country. There were lots of flowering trees and shrubs.

img_8659  img_8642

Since it is Autumn I am on the hunt for Monarch Butterflies. The lower California coast is a popular wintering area for these lovely insects. They cluster in massive groups on the Eucalyptus trees. We stopped at a local Eucalyptus grove that the Monarchs favored. A volunteer group had telescopes set up for viewing. Since I use my phone for pic taking I was out of luck until I saw a young guy holding his camera up to the lens of the telescope. Yeah!!!  some fairly decent pics of the orange beauties clinging to the leaves.

img_8773             img_2832 img_2846

This is Bubblegum Alley known for the accumulation of used bubblegum. It was creepy, yucky kinda cool.

img_8671      img_8676

We had a lovely hike along the bluffs of Montana de Oro State Park. It was very brown and dried up though. The last time we were here it was late spring and the whole area was covered in yellow flowers which is how it came by the name Oro, which is Spanish for gold.


img_8709     dsc04626    ca-06-002

We are in a  little campground in Morro Bay. This is a nice little fishing village. The power plant stacks can be seen from a long way off. Morro rock is how the town got its name.

img_8770 img_8761

It was fun checking out this bar. It had a gazillion self serve  taps. Sadly only 2 of cider but I made the best of it. You gave up your credit card and got a little bracelet. Swipe it over your choice and draw as much as you want. The prices are per ounce. A great way to try new stuff. Dean of course had a LOT more to choose from. I watched one guy just pulling a swigs worth from many taps and the screen kept a running total. Way cool.


img_8759       img_8737 img_8738           img_8742

The rain is back. Time to move further south.


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12 Responses to California Coast

  1. pat clark says:

    You two, the perfect couple… I so sincerely mean this, Those hills, pushing a bike, but riding down. ??? WOW, I saw a few, of that area years ago… They are steep…I so enjoy these posts… Thank you…Did you sample the beers, before heading down the hill???? Just asking….

    Thanks my friends, I do enjoy these tales….

    Many have returned here, in the park, but yet still many to fill some vacant places…

    Stay safe, Keep having fun….You are one “special” couple.

    love Pat


  2. cikitaokt says:

    So lovely couple! 😊

  3. Calleen says:

    So glad you have been having such a good time, the Southern California coast is so beautiful. It has been raining here a lot also with a couple days of some sun so we could clean up the leaves and branches, which has made fantastic bond fires. Miss you guys.stay safe. C & J

  4. melvin kirkwood says:

    Thank you for the tour. it looks like a fun trip through the coast of california. We are enjoying a wonderful fall this year. Buddy and myself met up with six other people took a 250 mi run down to Scottsville found a good family restaurant ate to much had to fight the deer riding into the night. Temps have been 50s at night 70s day time Miss you all hope to see ya soon.

    • Sounds like some great Fall weather in your area. I bet the leaf color is lovely. I couldn’t imagine being on a motorbike for that length of time. Hope you are able to walk after that ride. Keep safe, those deer just jump out of nowhere. One took out the whole front of my honda civic back in Grants Pass.

  5. Donna Thomas-Taylor says:

    Hey you two, love your pictures and tales, this looked like a great trip champagne and all. Good thing I don’t like beer but Tom would love to try out all those samples. Travel safe and keep the stories comin. Hugs Donna & Tom

  6. Madhu says:

    It so amazing to see the areas you travel and your post. Feels like we are traveling with you gays.
    Be safe. Is the traveling include comeing towards east?

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