San Diego, California

Sunday 27th November 2016

Now we are back on the West coast for winter seasons. This will probably be Southern California or Arizona. We certainly like the San Diego climate.  It has a couple of my favorite words, Sunny and Dry. We were sorry to see our old campground torn down and being replaced with condos. We had to move out of town a bit.

We drove to Imperial Beach and then rode our bikes on the bike trail.



Coronado is still cute and expensive. Good job we packed a lunch.


Thank you Monarch butterfly for keeping still long enough for a pic.


There are so many flowering shrubs in bloom.


We revisited Balboa Park. It’s a great park to walk about and people watch. Most of the buildings have been converted to museums.





These guys work really hard at keeping still until you put some money in their cup.


I walked around the rose garden while Dean had a nap.


This cactus looked like it could not decide which way to grow.


There were some pretty sharp spikes poking out of these wooly overcoats.


Even this beautiful flowering tree was spike laden from trunk to tip.


All of the San Diego coast is a magnet for surfers. The guy behind me was getting ready to leap of this rock to reach the waves.


We had a lovely day around the San Diego harbor.  We took our bikes and rode all over.  The Maritime museum was great.  Several ships and a couple of submarines to tour through. I was thoroughly confused by all the rigging on this replica of a Spanish galleon.

img_8949       img_8934

We enjoyed the submarines the best.  Especially the Cold War Soviet submarine.  Cash poor Russia sold off many of its subs in the nineties.  This one is 300 feet long and carried 24 torpedoes including some with nuclear warheads.

img_8959   img_8948

img_8922       img_8925


Of course we had to stop by the Kissing Statue.  San Diego has huge a military  (mainly Navy) population.

img_8973          img_8977

I had to give Bob Hope a hug. He entertained the troops enthusiastically from 1941 until 1991 and was declared an honorary veteran by Congress.  Deans brother Melvin took us to see Bop Hope performing in Louisville Kentucky back in the 70’s.  We had a great time. Thanks again Melvin!


We have a smashing view out of the front window. I love all the city lights at night as much as the daytime panorama. Yikes we have just had our second day of rain in a month.

img_9008  img_9012

I managed to put on a reasonable meal for Thanksgiving. I cooked the turkey in the slow cooker and the rest in my little convection oven.

img_8994           img_9009

Onto the city of Vista which is in between San Diego and Los Angeles for December.


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10 Responses to San Diego, California

  1. Donna says:

    fun trip, your meals always looks amazing, looks like you are having fun. Miss you guys /donna

  2. pat clark says:

    Thank you for this interesting post…. You do such a good job, I love to see your pictures.. Looking good , both of you…and so fun knowing where you are, and what you are doing… So envy your life style…Too many years for me to even hope… Took my Suri, to potty before bed time, and has been raining good for sometime now…. just in the 60’s, and below as of now…Staying in 60’s for a high, for a week or so, I guess. Not liking the cooler weather…

    Keep having fun, you special people, and see you someday in the future….

    Just me


  3. melvin kirkwood says:

    San Diego looks like a perfect place to spend some time, The old hotel on the beach was part of bay watch back in the nineties, supposedly haunted. We are glad you are enjoying the retirement time. We hope to see you this next year. Stay safe and young. M&M

  4. RON and Merlene says:

    Looks like your still living your dream ! Thanks for sharing your good times!
    Loved the pictures! That nurse was having a good time wasn’t she?
    So did you end up in California?
    Love you guys ! Be careful on your journeys!
    Merlene and Ronnie

  5. Madhu says:

    Reminded of our trip in some of the places except submarine.

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