Shrewsbury, England

We finally made it to merry old England.  It’s been 6 years for me and 10 for Dean since we last visited.

My brother Eric and lovely spouse Gina have made us so very welcome. We have had a pretty busy schedule.


The local flower garden was a must.  All the plantings were so precise and very beautiful.


Shrewsbury has many Tudor type houses.


Lots of the lanes look like they have had too many beers. I guess a few hundred years will do that.


There are still a few cobbled streets.  Good workout for the ankles.


Shrewsbury was the birthplace of Charles Darwin.  He is one of our favorite scientists. Jay is at the top of our list of course.


It has been quite windy most days so I decided a hair trim was in order.  Dean chickened out so my brave sista Gina stepped up to the plate.


Thank you Gina.  You did a very nice job.


We have been stopping by  local pubs for adult beverages.


Dean is giving this one a thumbs up.


Eric and Dean wanted to be dropped here if Gina and I got the shopping fever.


This market hall was built in 1595. The ground floor was used as a corn market and the upper floor used by Shrewsbury Drapers to purchase woolen cloths from Wales.


I like the wicker funeral casket.  A cardboard box would be even cheaper.


My brother Peter and his lovely spouse Mandy came by for a couple of days.

Everywhere is so pretty.


Peter fixed us a great meal and we had a great time reminiscing.


Now that’s a styling fish and chips. Yummy mushy peas as well.

Pasties, sausage rolls and pork pies still seem as popular as ever.

Even the police stations are quaint.

There are still a few phone boxes left.

Wild ponies and heather. What a great combo.


We are moving on to Wales and then Edinburgh.




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10 Responses to Shrewsbury, England

  1. melvin kirkwood says:

    Sure is great to be with your family! Looks like you are all having a good time! I would love to hear the stories from your brothers Rose, I’m sure they have many to share! Have a safe trip,we will miss you both at our reunion!

  2. Maxine Davis says:

    Awesome travelogue. So enjoy your pictures. Family times are so special! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Donna Thomas-Taylor says:

    Looks like an awesome trip, beautiful flowers and lots of history. Continue having a wonderful time.

  4. Paige Johnson says:

    What a wonderful trip! So glad to see all your posts and pictures. I’m going to share this with my sister Nain and niece Val, as we will be in England and Edinburgh next month.

    • We are having a great time although it has rained just about every day. Sometimes just at night but sometimes plenty of showers during the day. Still managing to stay in shorts. Layering, good rain jacket and of course the BROLLY.

  5. Dot says:

    Great to see you both in Wales this week enjoy your time in Scotland Dot x

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