Mesa, Arizona

Thursday 30th November,  2017

Oh dear!  I missed my post for October.  I crocked my back up with a bad twist and have been out of commission for over a month. I was feeling too sorry for myself to think about anything else.  Eventually with some good cracking, twisting and pulling from a local Chiropractor I started to feel better.

To keep my whining down to a manageable level, Dean said buy some flowers. My little flower and herb garden has certainly helped cheer me up.  I had to get some tables to put  all the pots on as I couldn’t bend down for a quite a while.


I spent some time sitting by the campground goldfish pond  watching the fish and the turtles.


I have been growing garlic shoots which are surprisingly tasty on scrambled eggs.


Finally I felt good enough for a short walk in the Phoenix Botanical Garden. We lucked out snagging the last day of the butterfly exhibit. I just attached my phone to my selfie stick and managed to get some decent close ups of the beautiful insects without having to bend over.




Yippee!!!! Rose is in rapid recovery mode. A nice little hike in the Superstition Mountains was so much better than the drugs.  This Saguaro cactus skeleton still had an arm hanging on.


Moving to another campground in Gold Canyon tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed and my back straight.






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32 Responses to Mesa, Arizona

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Hello, Sorry about your aching back. That makes the whole body miserable. Flower garden wonderful! We have been in Needles , parked by the Colorado River for a month. On to Ajo today and rather like arriving home with lots of hugs. Will be here until the first of March. When are you headed our way? Son in law Brian is with Red Cross in Puerto Rica. Home by Christmas. New great born Oct 9.Adorable, chubby little guy! So loved! Hugs, max

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  2. Jonathan Jordan says:

    Good to hear from you two. Oh my gosh..back pain is miserable! Enjoy the warm weather. Jon

  3. pat clark says:

    SOO good to get another post, and from down So…The pictures are beautiful, as always…So sorry about your back, We don’t make good invalids do we ????? Hate it….Thanks for sharing, always Wish I were there. Get well, and hugs, my friends


  4. melvin kirkwood says:

    So glad you are doing better Rose. I know all about that dreaded back pain! Beautiful pictures, you should have been a nature photographer! Still on the truck but have an interested guy from Walmart
    riding with me this next Wed. I believe he will take the route. I will spend a month riding with him training for a good man to come. See you guys soon!

  5. Gina Gluth says:

    Hi Rose and Dean
    Sorry you have been having trouble with your back, knowing how active you are (just like your Bro,) I bet poor Deans had a lot of earache to put up with😘😘. So glad your on the mend kid. As usual it’s lovely to see your photos and hear all your news. How are the boys doing, has Jay taken up his new job and how is he settling in.
    It’s getting cold now over here, so really looking forward to travelling to Oz on Christmas Eve, flying with Father Christmas as I’ve been telling the grandchildren.
    Wishing you both a lovely Christmas and New Year and we’ll have to face time when we get to Oz.
    All our love to you both and Dax & Jay xxxxxGina and Eric🎄🎄🎄☃️☃️ 🍷🍷🍺🍺

    • You bet Dean got an earfull. Day after day…….!! Jay is planning on driving to us for Xmas, so pretty excited about that. He has been very busy getting his department set up. Finally purchased his mas spec machines and he hopes to have things up and running by Spring. Dax is doing well. Don’t envy you that awful trip to Oz. It’s about time we could get “Beamed Up”

  6. Calleen says:

    Rose, glad to hear that you are on the mend and able to rove around those beautiful desserts. Back pain is miserable. Beautiful pictures! It’s wonderful to hear the boys are doing fantastic and that Jay will be with you for Christmas. What a treat. Cold here but the fire is nice and cozy. Miss you Calleen

  7. john morris says:

    Glad you are on the mend and sorry for the back problems. Inactivity has to be your worst nightmare!! The butterflies are beautiful. Really enjoy reading of your adventures.
    John and Donna

  8. Madhu says:

    Nice to go through the new post of your routine. Butterflies and flowers and your garden amazing.
    Glad you came out from that painful twisted back problem. Be careful. We are busy with downsizing the house. Happy holidays.

  9. Janell Wheelock says:

    Rose!   I love your garlic starts!  What are the little brown “beans” they are sitting on?????  Janell

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    • Jay gave me these “Grow Rocks” used for hydroponics. They hold the roots. I had to move the them all to a bigger container but they are still giving up the shoots. I just add water every day. I can’t believe how they are still producing after several major trim jobs.

  10. Donna Thomas-Taylor says:

    Nice to hear from you two, back pain is never ever fun, glad you are healing. I love how you always make lemonade out of lemons, those photos are outstanding. Enjoy Gold Canyon, such beauty all around you..Have yourselves a wonderful Christmas in the warmth of AZ and with family.

  11. Barb Kirkwood says:

    We’re so glad to hear you are on the mend. Back pains are especially troublesome. I hope you have a lovely time in the warmer climes. It appears John and I are headed (with Nic, Todd and the kids) to a much warmer climate and adventure down under. Likely in July, we will head for Canberra. It would be lovely to have you come visit…minus the mobile home unless you and figure out a way to sale it across the seas.
    Much love to you both.

    • It sounds like a great trip for you guys. How long are you planning on being down under? In 1975 we had our car with us on a Russian liner from England to New York for 10 miserable sea sick days. I know people are putting their campers on the ferry from Seattle to Alaska but I couldn’t imagine the price from the US to Australia. Maybe one of these days we will fly to Oz.

  12. Barb Kirkwood says:

    …can figure out a way to sail it across the seas… Darn auto correct.

  13. Robin cowan says:

    Oh Rose , I’m sorry about your back. The butterflies are beautiful. Hope your holidays are special. We will be missing you both.

  14. Merlene says:

    Happy for you guy’s getting to enjoy the beauties of nature!! Ron.

  15. john morris says:

    Glad you are perking up quickly now. Always love to read your blog. Donna and I just got back from a week in the Smokies, had a great time. Donna is having fits with her osteo-arthritis but otherwise we are both doing well. Loving retirement. We are in hopes of heading back to Nova Scotia again this September. Keep us up with your escapades!

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