Gold Canyon, AZ

Sunday 31st January 2017

Dean and I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Holiday season.  May you all have a healthy, and successful 2018.

It feels like just a very short time since we started our RV journey but we are heading into our 14th year on the road. We are still happy traveling and exploring new places  with the beast and towing the mini beast.


I have been busy making soap.  This is just half of it curing on the dash.  I made enough to keep you both Dax and Jay squeaky clean in 2018.


It sure feels good to be out on the hiking trails. I was almost strong enough to give that boulder a tip over.


We were lucky enough to get one of our lovely lads for a couple of days over Christmas.  Jay was showing how we should be exercising.  Yeah! righty ho, I will get on that planking immediately Jay.


It was fun watching Jay golfing and the best part was I got to drive the golf cart.


Maya was very well behaved in the camper.


We went on a nice nine mile hike.  Jay found some cholla cactus skeletons he liked. Maya probably hiked at least 15 miles.  She was worn out that evening.


The best way to spend Christmas Day. With loved ones and enjoying nature.



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18 Responses to Gold Canyon, AZ

  1. dennisgun says:

    All the best to the Kirkwoods. Happy 2018 from Gus and Georgia Gundersen

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    We love getting your posts! We are glad you all are doing well. We hope we can get together this upcoming year!

  3. Donna says:

    Well there is never a day you guys don’t have fun, one of my favorite things about you. We were able to spend Christmas with all our kids & grandkids and that was so much fun. Now the cold and snow is another story, I am still glad we were here but you will have to chat with Tom for his opinion. So glad you were able to see Tom & Jan, and we get to spend New Years Eve with them, which will also be fun. All the best in 2018 and it would be so great to get together next year, we are planning a trip across Canada in the summer, starting in June and going all the way to NFLD on the east coast. Maybe you guys should check Newfoundland out to be able to check it off you bucket list. Haha not sure if it is on your list but maybe it should be.
    Hugs to you both ,
    Donna & Tom & Crosby

  4. john morris says:

    After an incredibly busy Santa season Donna and I are vegging out every chance we get. Had great times with family and friends over Christmas and looking forward to some off time in the mountains in about two weeks. Looks and sounds like you all had a very nice Christmas season, here’s hoping you both have a great New Year!

  5. pat clark says:

    Oh how I love getting your journey posts….What a way to live, and happiness shines in your faces Rose that bolder picture, neat, but a little climb to get there, HUH???? Don’t fall…. You two, are forever in my heart, as special people , met thro. my journey…..SO miss, AZ. Keep on having great safe journey’s………… Thanks for sharing all…Enjoy them so much…..Happy New Year, and forever…Love Pat


  6. Madhu says:

    You are spending holidays the best way to enjoy. Wishing you happy and peaceful 2018.

  7. Calleen says:

    Happy New Year to you guys. All is well here, not much rain, cool mornings and fair afternoons, great for walks. Oliver turned one and is walking all over. Fun times for Christmas with the kids. When are you going to Hemet? May your New Year be filled with adventure and lots of new memories. Love and miss you, Calleen and Jon.

  8. Robin cowan says:

    May 2018 bring you joy and happiness. I truly enjoy your adventures and I hope to see many more in the new year. Love you lots and safe travels.

  9. Duke and Rhonda says:

    We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are doing well and back in our house after the flooding.

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