Hemet, CA

30th January 2018

Crikey, it’s already the end of January.  We have had a little cold snap here in southern California. I had to put my flowers in the car for a few nights due to frost warnings.  Thank goodness we are back into the high 70’s. All is good now.

Our campground has quite a few citrus trees so I thought I had better make use of the FREE fruit.  I do love that word FREE.

I had never seen a kumquat before.


But they sure made a nice little batch of marmalade.


They are many lemon and grapefruit trees here.  I just needed a few oranges and some sugar.


Bubbling, bubbling.


Since I only have one saucepan it took several days and batches.  I do believe I am set up with my tart and tangy marmalade for the rest of the year.


We have had a few great visits with Jay and Maya. That dog has so much energy!  I need to make a huge dog pack so she can carry our lunches and water.


We snagged a bit of the Pacific Crest Trail. I could fib and say we did the trek to Saddle Junction but we only did a 6 mile round trip.  It was very nice though.


We love bashing stuff with our sticks. Dean had the seeds flying out of this Agave .


There was a bit of slick rock. Even though it doesn’t look steep Dean is hoofing down a pretty gnarly rock.


Dax is coming down for a few days and I get to have some double son time. Yippeeee! Gotta get cracking on fixing some grub.

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15 Responses to Hemet, CA

  1. Calleen says:

    So good to hear from you guys. My grandmother had a huge kumquat tree in her yard. So big we used to climb up into it. Good memories. We were in Southern California a couple weeks ago for a family death. Enjoyed the sun. Now in 2 weeks we are leaving for Puerto Vallarta for another week. Teresa has stepped down as OR manager and is going to work as a staff nurse then maybe retire. When will you be coming north? It really has been a mild winter here. Let’s talk soon. Miss you, J&C

    • Calleen, I can just see you scrambling about in a kumquat tree. I am glad to hear you are going on a nice sunny relaxing trip to our southern neighbor. We will not be in Oregon till September. Hope to see you then unless we manage to latch up on our travels.

      • Calleen Jordan says:

        where are your travels taking you??? Maybe we can hook up. Give me a tentative schedule please.

  2. Gina Gluth says:

    Happy New Year you two, all that marmalade looks lovely. I just said to Alexandra, that you and Eric take after your Mum. Jay is looking well, how is he settling into his new job? Give both the boy our love and have a fabulous time with Dax, it is sooooooo good to get them big bear hugs.
    I leave Sydney on Tuesday 6 Feb will be so glad of a bit of cold weather, so hot out here, I always remember your Mum saying ‘you can always add clothes but you cannot take them off’. I’ll probably be moaning about the cold after half a day of being back home. Even Eric was moaning about the heat, but have to say he’s become a right Grumpy Old Man!😜🤪🙄xx I’ve stayed on to see Abi start school on the 1 February, her other Nannie is coming plus two of her Aunties as well as a cousin, Mum, Dad and me, going to be a big family thing. Shall be taking lots of photos. How long are you going to be parked up in Southern California and is your WiFi any good? Will speak to you both soon lots of love Gina xxxxxxx

  3. Melvin kirkwood says:

    We are glad to see you two back in the warmer part of the country! Always good to see the pictures of all or you and your klsn

  4. barbarawitte123 says:

    Hey Rose and Dean, it is always great to hear from you. I can smell the marmalade so yummy – just don’t forget to grate some fresh ginger on the top. Lecker!!! We miss you here in GC but are happy for you that you are so much closer now to Jay and Maya.Have a wonderful time with the boys and thanks for the beautiful and inspiring pictures again. We are leaving GC on April 11th – so we have still more than 2 months left in Paradise! Cheers and stay healthy and positive like always . Big hug from Barbara and the Jeep crazy Wolf

  5. pat clark says:

    You didn’t go to Gold Canyon, This year? SO much fruit, Trees are loaded….and those massive boulders, you are hiking on….Rose you really have been busy cooking your fruits .All look yummy…and so glad your sons came to spent time…..I.enjoy your travels…..Has been awhile since your last……Did you go far this past year again? Miss my home in AZ… Retirement home not really my best…. Oh Yes Dean. my pretty bench was given to Bill across the street, and his son loved it, so took it to Elko Nev. or near. So happy someone has it to appreciate all the work “WE” did…..Thanks for the update….Love you, neat people, and miss you



  6. Madhu says:

    Kumquat you picked are they sweet? You must have seen mine. Now as we moved no longer ours. Lucky you are able to meet up with the boys.

  7. Robin cowan says:

    Thanks for sharing your travels. It’s been too cold here lately and I’m missing my running trails. Hope the weather here warms up soon. Stay happy and healthy. I love you guys. Hugs to the boys.

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