Southern California

Wednesday 28th February 2018

We were so happy to have both our boys for a few days.  We hit the southern California beaches.


The lads had a good time trying out Jays paddle board on the ocean.  Maya staked out her spot.


Looks like Jay nailed that wave.


Dax showed a deft hand with the paddle.


A nice cliff walk.


The Kirkwood men.


Where is the trail?


Dax showed ring technique.


Jay demonstrated lift ups.


A little brotherly love.


A friendly race around the hills by Jays apartment.


We had lots of good food. I guess the lads liked my stir fry as they scraped the pan clean.


Jay flambéed a great dessert.


Dax picked a few grapefruit to take home.


We took a day trip to see our friends Deb and Bill. Jay enjoyed a round of golf with Bill.  Dean went along for moral support and to carry the beer.


It was fun chugging along in their electric boat and seeing all the fancy Motorhomes and gardens.








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12 Responses to Southern California

  1. Tina says:

    Love the update! So happy everyone is doing well! We will be in Newport Beach next
    Week. Will you all still be in sountern Cal?

  2. john morris says:

    Looks like a great visit!!

  3. melvin kirkwood says:

    Good times with the boys! We are glad your having a great time, beautiful place to spend time.

  4. Maxine Davis says:

    Looking good! We are headed to Needles to meet friends and family, then on to Oregon by April 1.

  5. says:

    Everyone looks great! Glad you had fun together…

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Robin cowan says:

    It’s always good to see you all together. Everyone looks happy and healthy. Love you bunches.

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