Northern Arizona

Monday 16th April, 2018

We had a lovely couple of days hiking at the Grand Canyon.  The only problem was thousands of other people were also enjoying the trails making them pretty crowded.  I managed to snag this pic just before a big batch of hikers clogged up the trail.


The views were certainly beautiful although a bit hazy.


Next time we want to stay on the north side of the canyon as it’s supposed to be much less crowded.





With some careful planning and good luck we were able to meet up with our good friends Calleen and Jon for a few days.  They still live in our old home town of Grants Pass, Oregon.

We all camped in Williams, a small town on the old Route 66.


A celebration dinner for Dean on his 66th birthday.


It was fun perusing all the Route 66 memorabilia.  Thanks guys for a lovely get together. It is always great to talk about old times and shared memories.


Just because we are both 66 and traveling on some of Route 66.


We had a nice stopover at the Petrified Forest National Park.


Some of these tree trunks are huge.


The weight of these logs is enormous.


I didn’t find this seat too comfy.


Dean however can find a resting place on any surface.


The colors were amazing.



Parts of the park looked like a moonscape.



Moving on to New Mexico.

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12 Responses to Northern Arizona

  1. melvin kirkwood says:

    You two look so happy and relaxed! We are looking forward to slowing down here in three weeks. We have a condo in Destin for a week. Cant wait, wish you could meet us there! Hope to see you soon. Happy Camping!

  2. pat clark says:

    You do, both of you , look so great. and what beautiful pictures, of all. That wood. something else. Colors just so vivid…. Thanks SO enjoy seeing the trips w/you Love always…Continue on, Until next time….Love, and stay safe


  3. barbarawitte123 says:

    Thanks again for the beautiful photos! A late Happy Birthday to Dean – we are so happy for you that you still enjoy your BUS and traveling and hiking and exploring. No news about our sale – still nerve wracking – we will keep you posted! Ice rain and heavy storm here today and tomorrow on PEI – ggggrrrrrr-
    enjoy the beautiful warm weather in New Mexico and stay healthy and happy campers like always! Life is good!
    Cheers for now and we will keep in touch…..your good smelling soap traveled with me to PEI and I absolutely love it…thanks again and a big hug for the both of you!
    Barbara and Wolfgang

    • So sorry to hear you are having all the winter storms still. We have been dealing with high winds and humidity levels of 4%. Mostly sunny so sure can’t complain compared to your weather. Still keeping our fingers crossed on your property sale.

  4. Tom Taylor says:

    looks like a great trip, happy belated birthday Dean, Happy camping

    • Sure would be great if we managed to latch up this summer. We are heading to northern Minnesota by June. Gotta get that Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior. Then heading back west through the northern USA. Possibly meet up with Tom and Jan at their island.

  5. Linda Nicolas says:

    Wow, still looks like you’re livin the life! What great photos and happy belated bday to dean!!!

  6. Robin cowan says:

    Looks like a great birthday celebration. Much love to you both. And many more birthdays to come.

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