New Mexico

Tuesday 24th April, 2018

We had a good couple of weeks in North West New Mexico.  Many days of single digit humidity and sometimes as low as 4% with elevations of  5000 -7000 ft.  A whole lot of DRY!!!  I was using a lot of coconut oil to help with senior wrinkle factor.

A visit to Tent Rocks National Monument was a great day out.


A little slot goodness.


Plenty of curvy turns.


The sky is such a dark vivid sapphire blue. Gotta love that high elevation, low humidity, low pollution.


Another day included a delightful 7 mile hike with 3.5  miles on the top of  Dragons Back.


We had planned on an overnight trip to Chaco Canyon National Historic Park. We arrived with our mini Motorhome, but..

high winds and extra cold weather had moved in so no campfires allowed. It would be a long cold night.  We are old and frail  so we decided a day trip would suffice.

Chaco people began building in this area in the 800’s.  Parts of these  fabulous structures are still here for us to enjoy.


I could not imagine climbing up and down those steps hewn into the cliff.

The masonry work was awesome.

The scariest animal we saw was bunnikins.

No flowers but some cute rock formations.

Moving on to southern Colorado and more Ancient Pueblo Culture.




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3 Responses to New Mexico

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    You two are incredible! Are you writing a book for RVers who would enjoy your travels?

    • Nah. I am not that skillful. I leave that to the professionals. I read some other Rv blogs and the people are giving detailed info on campgrounds etc. I just like giving family and friends a mini heads up on what we are doing hopefully without being too boring.

  2. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Keep those pictures coming Rose. We do appreciate your trip your detailed views!

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