South Dakota

Saturday 19th May, 2018

Our journey took us through Western Nebraska.  The Great Plains were just starting to green up. It was a nice hike up to the top of Scotts Bluff National Monument.


A cute little Rattlesnake  greeted us on the trail.  He very politely shook his rattles to let us know he was there.


You know you’ve been together a long time when you start to look like siblings.


There were quite a few hours of relaxing driving through peaceful scenery.


Custer State Park in South Dakota is famous for the 1300 to 1400 head of buffalo roaming about freely.


This guy is having a nice deep stretch after a nap.


Guess who has right of way.


Junior was giving us the teenage EYE!!!


We took a hike that supposedly paralleled the stream.  I think we waded across that sucker 20 times.


Of course we had to stop by Mount Rushmore National Monument.  The carving started in 1927 and was finished in 1941.


For my family and friends not in the USA. The old codgers (Presidents) are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and of course Dean and Rose.  I think we would fit nicely in the granite chunk to the left of George.


We had a great time visiting the area in 1991 with our nippers. This is a pic of the Badlands National Park.

Image1-140 copy 5.png

We finished up in Rapid City renewing our drivers licenses.  We are South Dakotans  for another five years.






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10 Responses to South Dakota

  1. pat clark says:

    OHHHH, NOW YOU ARE IN MY COUNTRY…Nebraska…..Born and raised in SW Nebr. on my grandpa’s homestead…deeded.1886’…….. Curtis, Stockville, area, if you have your map

    Sorry, but do believe Scotts Bluff is in the N.Western part of Nebr., but rattlers in all parts….Love all your captions, and messages…..You both looks so good, and happy….How I love getting these, pictures, and stories…You have the best of the best life…..Those Buffalo, part of the history for sure…..Are you headed East??? So happy to have met, and known you 2 beautiful people…. Have a safe journey always…..


    • Oh Dear! Pat, thanks so much for setting me straight on the East/West Nebraska error. I have nipped in and done a correction. Checked our map and saw Curtis and Stockville. Looks like a couple of hundred miles east of the Scotts Bluff area.
      We are headed to the suburbs of Chicago for a family meet up and then on to northern Minnesota. Gotta get that Isle Royale National Park in.

  2. Maxine Davis says:

    As always, you two are incredible! Thanks for the update, hugs , max

  3. Gina Gluth says:

    Mount Rushmore is on my Bucket List! We will get over there even if I have to drag that brother of yours Rose screaming & shouting. I wasn’t keen on the rattles though!!. Loving your pictures as always all our love Gina and Eric xxxxx

  4. barbarawitte123 says:

    Hello you two Gypsies! We are always thrilled to get an update on all your exciting travel experiences and the awesome and pretty pictures – like always! You should start soon and publish a real good travel magazine ! We are so fortunate to have you as friends and we are so looking forward to meet you somewhere in your beautiful country again – we are sure that our passes will cross again! By the way: no retirement yet for us….so we have to run the season again this year….a long story….Cheers for now a big hug and please keep us posted Barbara and Wolfgang

  5. Madhu says:

    we been in this area. Reminded of our trip.

  6. Melvin says:

    Thanks again for sharing. We always enjoy the pictures and watching the white hair like mine blowing in the wind. Love you two, see ya soon!

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