Thursday July 19th, 2018

We passed through a corner of Idaho on our way to Wyoming and passed several fields of blooming Rape. That’s quite a bit of cooking oil right there.


Jackson Hole was interesting to walk around although the town was jam packed with people wandering around just like us. The central park had Antler Arches on all four corners.  Guess they have a lot of Deer, Elk and Moose out here.


We were impressed with the Vertical Harvest attached to the parking garage. This hydroponic farm can produce up to 100,000 pounds of tomatoes, herbs and greens a year.


The carousels rotate to give the plants plenty of light even during the snowy winter.


It’s wildflower season at the higher elevations. Yippeee!!


We hiked along a spring fed stream and parts of it were dammed up to utilize the power for the little town downstream. The water was so pretty.


We followed the stream up….


and up…..


Finally, the spring birthplace.


This good looking butterfly opened his wings for a photo.


Dean was anxious to visit Melvin Brewing in Alpine .  Partly because Dean’s big brother is named Melvin but mostly to slurp down the IPA beer.

The hamlet has only 700 residents but this brewery is exporting their beer across the country.


They have a top notch brewing facility.


Yeah, we got plenty of Melvin to go. The camper is leaning a bit to one side packed with Melvin.



Does this guy look happy? He hit pay dirt enjoying all 4 samplers.



We stayed a week in Teton National Park.  Those peaks just bust up right from the meadows.



No, we did not climb that peak. We had a quick boat trip across Jenny Lake and hiked through a canyon. A very enjoyable 9 mile roundtrip hike although on the way down there were lot more people coming up. I am glad we got an early start.


We were lucky to see a moose noshing on the greenery. He just ignored us and kept on munching.


Dean needed a spot to soak his feet and this snow melt stream did the trick.


I thought the fence was a great recycling idea.


The next day we started out super early and hiked a trail we thought would be about ten miles.  Yikes!! After a 2000ft elevation gain up to 9100ft in first couple of hours we should have figured the trail info might not be too accurate. It was a 14 mile up and down marathon.

However the wild flowers made the whole trip worth it.



Can you see my pack is tiny compared to Deans. I carried the important stuff like my phone, tissues and bug spray.  Dean carried everything else.

The sunflowers were competing with the purple geraniums.


This monument plant had such pretty petals.


A smorgasbord of beauty.


Huge meadows of sunflowers.


We are getting tired by this time but the flower loveliness kept us going.


The Teton Range in the background was a lovely backdrop to these flowers.


I am in my element.


We had to have a rest day before moving on but that hike was so worth it. Thank you flowery Wyoming!






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12 Responses to Wyoming

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Love, love these pictures of a magic flower land. You two are incredible!

  2. pat clark says:

    What beautiful pictures and stories….Such a cute one of you two….. What a great place. Have been there a couple of times many years ago..while living in Idaho Falls area [1950’s., I so enjoy all your travels…Those arches from antlers always there for years…. Keep having a safe journey, few are able to take….. SO GREAT Love Pat


  3. Jonathan Jordan says:


    On Thu, Jul 19, 2018 at 5:17 PM, THE BUS STOPS HERE wrote:

    > Rose and Dean’s Travels posted: “Thursday July 19th, 2018 We passed > through a corner of Idaho on our way to Wyoming and passed several fields > of blooming Rape. That’s quite a bit of cooking oil right there. Jackson > Hole was interesting to walk around although the town was jam p” >

  4. John Morris says:

    Great pictures, great scenery. Thanks again for posting for us followers.

  5. barbarawitte123 says:

    Wow – beautiful pictures again – Wyoming looks like the German or Swiss Alpes: the snow covered peaks, the streams and blue green shimmering lakes and all the meadows full of wildflowers : the only thing missing are the cows with the bells! We will be going on our dream trip early in September after the season here is over: we will ride our Harley from PEI to Chicago :1500 miles and then hit the Mother Road 66 all the way to LA : 3500 miles. It was always on our bucket list and now the time has come to do it. May be we can meet somewhere along our long 4 week journey! Prost and enjoy traveling and we always look forward to your monthly report!! Cheers from busy PEI Barbara and Wolfgang

    • Oh MY! What an exciting trip you have planned. Hope you have a nice padded seat on that Harley. We have done several stretches of Route 66. I bet you will have great time. Will sorry to miss you as we will be in Oregon during September.
      Try not to work too hard this summer.

  6. Melvin kirkwood says:

    Very nice pictures! We are very lucky to be able to travel with you both via pictures! Keep them coming . We miss you both!

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