Moving towards Oregon

Thursday August 30th 2018 

We had a few nice days at Glacier National Park.  The flowers were mostly finished but there was still some snow left on the Mountains.


We were lucky to miss the smoke from some wildfires in the area.  A lovely clear blue sky and fresh clean air to breathe was great!


This Marmot eyeballed us on the trail.


I don’t think he liked what he saw because he chased us up the trail quite a bit.


The snowmelt lakes were crystal clear.


We then headed into the smoky nether regions of Montana. The beast starting conking out.  We spent quite some time and quite a lot of dollars as the beast required heart surgery. A new turbo charger was finally inserted and yippee! we were able to move on.

We moved from hot and smoky to more hot and smoky. Did I mention HOT!!!!!!


At least we got to visit The Manhattan Project National Historical Park.  There is nothing like visiting a nuclear waste site to get you energized.


The control station in the B Reactor building kept a constant watch on all the rods.


The actual reactor core contained all these tubes and rods. The technical stuff was above my head but I managed to grasp a whole bunch of scary stuff was built in a very short period of time.


Here are just a few of the signs that covered the place back in 1944.


We had visited the Trinity site in New Mexico in 2007 where the first nuclear bomb was exploded in 1945.  The plutonium came from the B Reactor.  Time to move on from the hot spots….


We had a couple of weeks in Bend, Oregon.  I think the whole of the West coast is on fire. It’s almost impossible to evade the smoke.  A little hike in the mountains helped.


This tree made a very convenient and comfy seat for Rose.


We camped on a Bison/Yak Ranch in Bend.


The Rancher raises all these animals for their meat.  It was very organic and all that good stuff.


Whaat the ???


Now that sign makes sense. The Rancher explained that the animal heads were left to be naturally beetlized. (That should be a word)  The skulls apparantly sell well to artists.


Time for a drink.  Bend has got some really good cideries.  I had to try quite a few to deskullyfie (that should also be a word also).


This is my ideal ambulance.


We had a very nice day trip to Newberry National Monument. This place is the Obsidian Mecca. The lovely black shiny stuff has been used for eons as arrowheads and the like.


Dean thought he was “the bomb “holding this hunk of pumice.


Got ya beat buddy.


A little loving of green on green .


Silver Falls State park had a nice 10 mile hike around 10 waterfalls.  Late Spring would be better for flowers and busting out water but it was still very nice.


We saw waterfalls from  the front and the sides.


Also behind.


Nothing like a good waterfall. Unless of course it’s flowers.


Moving on to Portland and my number one son, Dax.










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12 Responses to Moving towards Oregon

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Love you two and all your travels. Incredible twosome!!

  2. melvin kirkwood says:

    Hey you two, Love that you share your travels, we can almost smell the fresh air and feel the mussel aches as you return from your many miles of hiking. I hope the turbo wasn’t to expensive. One more month to sign up for the cruise, love to have you two along. See you some day.

  3. Robin says:

    Always fun adventures with you guys. I’ve been trying to have a few of my own this year. I’m just not good at posting them. I am on Instagram and will put a few photos there. On another note I was so happy to visit with Dax and his girl when I was in Oregon. She was just lovely and Dax is just a cutie pie. I wanted to hang out with them more. Love to you both. I miss you.

  4. Merlene and Ronnie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your journeys! Takes us to places we won’t ever see but in your photos! You both look amazing! Hug Dax for me!! Love You!!

  5. Madhu says:

    Reactor site very amazing and mind boggling to. Dean did you work in Oregon before? Give our remembrance to Dax.

  6. pat clark says:

    What a delight to see your smiling faces, and all the beautiful places you experience…. Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, But, no excuses… BEST of all so happy to be seeing you both, this coming Monday…. My address in writing

    707 Madrona Ave. .S.E. Room 327

    Madrona Hills Retirement


    SO happy to be seeing you

    Love Pat


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