Saturday 3rd November 2018

Just a glimpse of Mount Shasta as we head south.


We had a nice day out at Lassen National Park. A couple miles up the trail we came across this pretty little waterfall.


One lonely Scarlet Gilia. Everything else was done for. Next time we visit it has to be in the summer when all the flowers are blooming.


Lassen is known for its volcanic activity. This cauldron of mud was bubbling away.


This little campground was neat as a pin and a lot water was keeping everything green. All the trees had had some serious trimming.


Further down the coast we enjoyed a couple of days hiking in Pinnacles National Park.


An eleven mile roundtrip hike took us through some cavey areas.


This cute Tarantula stopped to say hello.


There were many steps up and down carved into the rock.


Thank goodness for the handrail in some of the steepest areas.

We were lucky with the wildlife sighting that day. This Rat Snake was having a nap on a log as we passed by.  We even saw some Condors flying overhead but they were too far away for a pic.


The terrain was so varied and the sky was such a deep blue. What a lovely day!

Everything is big in California even the pinecones.

Moving further down the coast we stopped for a visit at Hearst Castle. This massive house was  built back in the 1920’s for William Hearst and is now a State Park.

It has a huge out door pool….

and a ginormous  indoor pool.

I guess the guy was into guest bling. This was a typical guest bedroom.

However his own bedroom was rather plain.

His personal library was a good size. How many chairs can you sit in at one time.

I liked looking at the doors.

Plenty of knobby doors.

This one was over the top with carvings.

The Elephant Seals are flocking into the San Simeon area.

This petite female is probably about 1000 lbs.  The males can reach 3000-5000 lbs.

Still traveling  south on the coast. Moving closer to my number 2 son.  Jay, get your Mom hugging arms ready.


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10 Responses to California

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Hi there,
    We are in Bullhead City for the winter. Rented a nice Condo on the river. Missed our RV, but was time to sell. Give us a heads up if you come our way. Loved the pictures on this leg of your journey!

    • We enjoyed our 9 days in Bullhead City this past March. They have some nice pickle ball court and planning on building some more. We will be having a get together with our lads in Zion in early May. How long are you staying in Bullhead?

  2. John Morris says:

    Great looking pictures. I can’t hike 11 miles anymore, to much football as a kid I guess!! Had to do a search to read about Lessen Park was not familiar with it. Keep traveling safe! John

  3. pat clark says:

    From my favorite adventure-ers,…How brave you are Rose, on those rugged trails, you always seem to find….That pine cone Dean, is worth money I paid 10.00 for one about that size. can’t remember what kind of tree, now but, heard some person, every year makes his living collecting, and selling California, where they are found .I picked Ponderosa cones 2-3 years No Idaho, while there Made 750.00 one year…. K-Mart bought many. Company in Spokane paid us $’s per bag. Bags held 2 1/2 bushel… They had to be unbroken, so picked in park areas, cemetaries, where grounds were mowed, and cones fresh as they fell….. Visited the dealer in Spokane, one time, when they were spraying cinnamon oil on large bins of them for Xmas sales…. Was fun in the fresh air, etc…. Used tongs and buckets, to pick up the cones, and fill the bags…Worked with a friend…Never alone…. Thanks for another interesting travel log… So enjoy them… Always the best to you both…Safe travels, and fun w/your son, by now . and much love to my neat dear friends… ________________________________

  4. Robin says:

    Wow. Lots of great stuff on this trip. I like the doors too Rose. You guys look happy and fun. Keep the roads hot and the trails blazin. Love you.

  5. Madhu says:

    Hope are already with JAY. As always great travel log. Makes me feel like I am traveling with you.
    Just dreaming.

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