Yuma, Arizona

Thursday 31st January 2019

Our month stay in Yuma has gone by pretty fast. It was a project month. We recovered both our sofas.

After 11 years the old beasts interior was getting a bit bashed up. So we ordered new “skins” for our sofas. This was a lot cheaper than replacing both sofas, especially since the guts were still in good nick. We removed about 10 million staples and hog ties. Please, please someone invent an electric staple remover!

When finally done, we had a few cuts and bruises and plenty of blisters from the pitiful staple removing tool.

Then it was time to redo the slide out floor.

Another few cuts and bruises and we got the floor done, or should I say Dean got the floor done. I was the gofer on this project. I think the refinished floor and sofa look quite nice.

We were thrilled to see our good friends from Canada. A whole day of non stop laughs. Thanks you lovely Canuksters.

Dean, Donna, Tom, Tom, Jan, Rose

Another couple of good visits with our Oregonian friends.

Dean, Leroy, Rose, CarolAnne

We were happy to squeeze in a hike around Muggins Mountain.

We had a nice day out in Quartzsite. This area is dead as a doornail in the summer, but come winter it is a busy town. Thousands of campers pitch up out in the nearby desert.

The RV show was finishing up but it was interesting looking at all the stalls. There were plenty of people enjoying adult beverages.

We are moving on to San Felipe in Mexico tomorrow. This will be the first time we have taken the beast across the southern border. Mama Mia!!!

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15 Responses to Yuma, Arizona

  1. Maxine Davis says:

    Fun times. Enjoy Mexico. We spent a lot of time every year in Rocky Point and loved it.
    Hugs, max

  2. John Morris says:

    I need Dean to remodel our extra bedroom, that was a great looking job.

  3. LeRoy & Carolann says:

    Have a great time in Mexico,let us know how it is.

  4. Madhu says:

    Good handy man. Have fun in Mexico. We are in India.

  5. Melvin Kirkwood says:

    Good looking job brother! On the road again. be careful in the Mexican country, i know you have been there many times but the beast might be enticing to some that may not look twice at the Honda. Hope to see you both soon.

  6. Robin says:

    Your handy work looks amazing. Things in Tennessee have been super wet. We finished out the year at 65+ inches. That’s 13+ inches above average. Broke the 1973 rain record. AND it’s still raining, I am so ready for the sunshine 🌞🌻. Mom and Dad going on cruise with Melvin and them. I hope they have a good time. We will stay and watch the homestead. Nik and Kaylin are settling in to marriage. Kaylin is working at an orthodontist office doing their insurance and contracts. Nik is still in school. He will finish this year. We are planning a get away to the Smokey mts, To hike the LaCont, 14 miles round trip give or take a little. I’m doing this for my fiftieth birthday. (Don’t let yourself feel old hearing that😉). Renting a cabin and who ever wants to join us can. I miss you all and hope your adventure bring you our way this year. Or maybe to a meeting point in the middle. Hugs and kisses to you both.

    • Crikey that rainfall is pretty hardcore. We have had a surprising amount of rain over the last month considering we are in the DESERT! However the plus side is we are now starting to see quite a bit of flowery goodness. It’s the deserts way of saying thank you to a bit of moisture.
      That good old half century mark brings back memories. We still had gnarly boys bugging us at that age. Very busy dealing with overloads of teenage testosterone.
      We are planning to drive up to Alaska this summer. Hope to get lots of fab hiking in. You 14 miler sounds super. Let us know it pans out.

  7. Donna & Tom says:

    well that beer garden looked like fun, it was so great seeing you two with Tom & Jan, see you in the summer and safe travels to Mexico. We have been in Rocky Ridge Mexico for almost 2 weeks, playing PB yahoo!!!! found a great group to hang with.
    Enjoy yourselves,
    hugs Donna

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