Heading to Alaska via Beautiful Canada

Friday 21st June 2019

The poor beast started making funny noises on the journey from southern Utah to Montana. We had to have a week layover in Butte Montana waiting for a new clutch fan to be shipped from Alabama. Dean had hoped to put the beast in a garage to get it fixed but they were either too busy or just didn’t want to deal with an RV. Dean put on his mechanical hat and said he would tackle it.

He pretzelized himself under the engine…

and over the engine. Yippee! The beast appreciated the tender loving care and started purring nicely. I did my part gofering and keeping the worker fed and watered. Time to move on.

We needed some goodness to get our brains back on track. What better place to spend a few days than at Glacier National Park. The weather was our friend with sunny days.

There was quite a bit of snowpack to hike over but my intrepid husband in his trusty Chacos busted out the trail for me.

This awesome icebergy lake was our final destination.

There were plenty of waterfalls.

Also the glacier lilies were bursting out.

Dean didn’t like it when I jumped up and down on the bridge. I got that baby really swinging.

We had the bear spray and saw plenty of scat but the scariest animals we saw were lots of giant frogs.

Moving on to Alberta Canada we stayed a couple of days with our good friends Donna and Tom. Thanks guys for a great visit! We always love hanging around with your lovely smiley personalities.

Now we are officially on the Alaska Highway. This road was built in just a few months in 1942 by the military. The first 613 miles are in British Columbia, the second 577 miles are through the Yukon and the third 296 miles are through Alaska to Fairbanks. After the war it was open to the public and since then has been under constant improvements.

We saw a lot of wildlife along the upper part of British Columbia. There were plenty of bison lounging along the grassy verges.

A group of Stone sheep strolled by us.

They like to lick the salt from the roadsides.

We had to stop at Liard Hot Springs.

Nothing like a good sulphery soak after a long driving day.

We saw quite a few bears along the highway. One dashed across the road just as we came around a bend. It’s a relief to know our brakes are in good working order. I was very careful opening the cupboards that evening. This big guy just kept munching on dandelions and giving us the “eye”.

We had a big gravel day. Lots of frost heaves and long stretches of gravel road. The car is starting to get a bit grubby.

Watson Lake in the Yukon is a popular stop to check out the signpost forest.

There are supposed to be at least 88,000 signs from across the planet.

Alaska is just up the road a spell. The journey continues.

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12 Responses to Heading to Alaska via Beautiful Canada

  1. Gina Gluth says:

    It looks beautiful, our Eileen has been going on for years wanting to see Alaska, it’s on our Bucket List. I will forward your email to her. Well done to Dean for fixing the beast what a talent Dean has, but then you don’t do so bad yourself Rose. Enjoy your journey through Alaska. Love to you both xxxGina and Eric.

  2. Melvin Kirkwood says:

    What a trip! I bet the clutch fan was fun, I hope you had plenty of the right tools. You will be a certified diesel mechanic when your done with your voyages. Have you heard any results from Hawaii inquiries yet. We haven’t heard a word from our friend and travel agent yet. Keep the great pictures coming we very much enjoy. Be safe keep your distance from the bears. See you some day. M+M

  3. Donna & Tom says:

    Looks like a fun trip so far, that is one big bear you saw.
    We enjoyed having you guys visit us at our summer hang out, looking forward to some more photos of your journey.
    Safe travels

  4. Maxine Davis says:

    So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.Have a wonderful summer!

  5. Janell Wheelock says:

    Hi dear almost camper owners!  Here are long time friends and co-worker of Kevin’s–Dean and Rose.  They have been in their motor home pulling a car for about 14 years now.  The latest!  I heard via email from Sally that Lee is still alert and making meetings!  I am stunned.  What do you know?

  6. Carol cottrell says:

    It’s nice hearing from you and great traveling.jim has had couple ups and downs but he is better now. Keep doing what your doing you are staying young

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